The Pud-Hog Blog Begins.

Hello, everyone.

Let’s not beat around the bush. Yesterday I had the most delicious bowl of semi-frozen Christmas Pudding ice cream.  It was home- and hand-made, filled with chewy Christmas fruits, fresh breadcrumbs, chopped nuts and enough double cream to paralyse a cow. I enjoyed it immensely and have decided that ice cream should never be frozen – not all the way, at least. Instead, like the portion I had, it ought to be snatched from the freezer before it’s gone solid: balls of ice cream with cold creamy sauce.  So gooey. So good. Thank you, Man Pa, for sharing your ice cream skills…

Because everyone likes to read about puddings (unless they’re hungry, and they don’t have a pudding to fill the gap), this record of my conquests starts now. I will not dwell on puddings past (so no mention of the Chocolate Pumpkin cheesecake I had at Thanksgiving… *sigh*). There just isn’t time. Instead, this hungry blogger will be eating in the moment: a year’s worth of sweet treats, desserts, and more half-frozen ice creams.

My mouth is already watering.


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