A Better Kind of Butter.

It’s been a lemony weekend, in all. The bucket kicked things off (see previous post), then on Saturday I was sent to Recipease in Clapham, for a belated birthday present: a cooking lesson from one of Jamie Oliver’s many minions.

The theme was ‘Edible Gifts’, and on the agenda was florentine butter, lemon curd, and an cranberry/orange sauce.

I had never heard of florentine butter before, but I highly recommend it: melt a load of dark chocolate before adding brown sugar, flaked almonds, sour cherries, raisins, brandy and… butter. Then – if you’re like me and you can’t resist – lick most of it up before it sets. Apparently it’s ruddy good on ice cream… Mmmm.

The lemon curd was a real treat too. If you ever have lemons and eggs going spare, you should totally knock up a batch. Surprisingly enough, most of mine didn’t make it to the jar – I ate it while it was warm instead. Top tip: warm lemon curd is DA BOMB.

Now, I have the recipes in an email, but I’m not sure I can share them here without infringing copyright laws. I’ll check it out later and see what I can do.

In the meantime, before you ask who these ‘Edible Gifts’ are for, let me clear something up: they’re for ME, dummy. Because I’m worth it.


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