My goodness, chocolate bars are satisfying. You don’t need to look up the portion size, you don’t have to hide the remaining squares. There’s no need to stop halfway through, sighing at what you have left. No. Unlike their fancier, tablet-style counterparts, chocolate bars are wonderfully simple, one-use-only treats. No need to think or pre-plan.

Last night I had myself a Cadbury’s Double Decker – the unsung hero of the chocolate world, too often overlooked. Creamy nougat, a hard rice-crispie crunch, and plenty of chocolate to fill in the gaps. I felt so decadent, munching it all in one sitting. I’m so used to having to stop myself – folding the wrapper over once I’ve had my allocated serving, tears gathering in my eyes. Then that slow and terrible journey back to my Treat Tin in the kitchen, where I’m forced to imprison what’s left. Harrowing.

But not this time. With the last of the Double Decker sliding slowly to my stomach, I stretched out across the sofa, screwed up the empty wrapper, and tossed it, care-free, to the floor.

Now that’s more like it. Genius.


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