Christmas is almost upon us (Merry Xmas Eve Eve, by the way) and last night it was time for an early celebration. Off we trekked to dinner at Kopapa, a fusiony-tapas-type place in Seven Dials. The portions for mains were a bit on the weeny side, but I’m not here to talk about savouries. Let’s go straight to dessert.

Stomachs only partly full, the man and I decided we’d have three puddings between us. Sadly for me, however, most were out of bounds: apparently there was gelatin in the ice cream and sorbets. Gelatin! Now I know I ranted about this the other day, but PLEASE. Why on earth would you need to add gelatin to ice cream or sorbet?! Ice creams and sorbet set themselves by FREEZING, goddamnit. Not with particles of pig.

Anyway. Enough of that. I shall attempt to recompose myself.

My options substantially limited, I settled on the banana tarte tatin –  a delicate layer of fruit and caramel on a crispy puff pastry bed. Very tasty – especially with the salt caramel sauce (not sure about the rum and raisin yogurt though…kind of distracting).  If memory serves, it might even have been the first tarte tatin I’ve eaten. A pretty good intro, I’d say.

My companion had a creme brulee [I’m missing some continental accents here, but life’s too short] and then we shared a plate of chocs and biscuits. My highlight was a slightly smoky truffle, which made me wonder: why don’t more puddings use smoke as a flavouring? I had a seriously exciting tobacco truffle last year, and tend to think it could catch on. After all, now that nearly all gastro-puds are laced with sea salt, isn’t it time more chefs tried something different?

Smoked strawberry cheesecakes? Tobacco-plum puddings?  I don’t know… I’m no Heston, but I think I could be on to something…


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