Decisions, Decisions.

I’ve been in the wilderness – Devon, to be precise – without even a moment of functioning wireless, so it’s time to fill you in. Since my last blog entry I’ve had a slab of toffee pudding, the most delicious almond praline slice, warm Dorset apple cake, yet more of Granny’s trifle, and several phoney chocolate seashells (still holding their own against the big boys at Guylian).

Still, the best was yet to come. Cue a trip to the Riverford Kitchen in Landscove, and a right old pud-bud tickling. A stylish bunker nestled in its own organic farm, Riverford is Mecca for vegetable lovers, serving plate upon plate of tasty homegrown, home-cooked produce – all seasonal, of course.

Having cleared away the savouries, the waiters beckoned us up to a counter, to stare at a showcase of puddings. Unfortunately there was a catch: we could only choose one each.

I always hate this moment. My ethos is all about trying a little of everything, but at Riverford – unless you’re in a large group of likeminded pudding-sharers – you have to narrow your options. What’s more, the choices change on a daily basis, so even if you keep coming back, you might never see the same thing again. It’s heartbreaking. I’ve been there at times when there are upwards of ten puddings on display. That’s 90% that I don’t get to try.

On Wednesday our options were slightly more limited (thank goodness), and included desserts I had tasted before, so I didn’t have to miss too much. Still, when the server requested my order, I twitched with indecision. Sticky toffee pudding? Lemon mousse cheesecake? Pear and almond tart? Dark chocolate mousse? Honey and almond cake? GAH!

Thankfully I was with mum – a dedicated sampler, like me – so we made our usual pact of choosing two and sharing them. After much deliberation we plumped for the lemon cheesecake and the honey/almond cake.

My word, it was an excellent cheesecake.

A crisp and buttery base, with a light fluffy topping, so lemony it made my mouth water (an effect that is returning as I think about it now). Mmm. Despite having eaten an allotment’s-worth of vegetables, I managed to demolish it in minutes (minus mum’s portion, of course).

I believe that the honey and almond cake was also darn tasty – lounging as it was in a puddle of custard – but by that point I was so overwhelmed by cheesecake, I can’t say I was paying much attention. Mum insists it was brilliant – with figs in the middle as well.  I just wish I could go back and taste it again. The only thing is, there’ll always be something else there to distract me…

It’s a hard life for a Pud-Hog.


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