The Cheesecake Compendium.

Yesterday’s intake was chocolate pumpkin cheesecake and rice pudding – no surprises there then. So, rather than retread old ground, I thought I’d unearth some cheesecake facts on the internet, and see if there was anything exciting to be learnt.

First stop – of course – was Wikipedia, with a page full of fairly bland info (the usual stuff: cheesecake was a popular dish in ancient Greece… most modern day recipes use cream cheese, blah, blah, blah).  A couple of things piqued my interest though. First was a reference to  Gooey Butter Cake, a St Louis style pudding, which consists of regular cake with a cheesecake topping. Yes sirree, I’m gonna get me some of that (two cakes for the price of one)! Second was a reference to savoury cheesecakes. Now, I know this blog doesn’t really do savoury, but this nugget reminded me of one of the worst pudding experiences of my life.

Picture the scene: it’s my unofficial godmother’s 60th birthday party, there’s a table full of sweet treats, and my plate is (as usual) stuffed with a small slice of each. One of the things I’ve been coveting most is a New York Style cheesecake with a deep crumb crust, so I save that slice for last. Alas, when I finally take a big bite, my tongue recoils in horror. It’s a cheesecake, yes, but it’s made with cheddar cheese.  Salty, tangy, and not at all what I was expecting. Talk about disappointments. If I’d known what it was beforehand, it might not have tasted too bad. As it was, I couldn’t have spat it out fast enough.

It was almost as depressing as the green tea cheesecake we bought from a market in London. Again we were expecting good things – something light, fragrant, and a bit unusual – but I can honestly say I have never had worse. It tasted of feet. And not clean feet, either: stinky, damp, rotting old feet that haven’t left socks for a decade. If I ever remember the name of the people who made it, I will publicly shame them here. They deserve nothing less.

Anyway, I seem to have gone off topic, so have some more ‘facts’ for your money:
  • National Cheesecake Day is 30 July in the US, apparently. Don’t know what day it is in the UK…  Seeing as there’s still a load of cheesecake in my fridge, I propose tomorrow
  • In the olden days, Greek brides and grooms used cheesecakes for their wedding cakes (I think I favour trifle)
  • There is such a thing as a Towcester Cheesecake, made with puff pastry and breadcrumbs
  • New York policemen sometimes use them to placate OAPs
  • The most expensive cheesecake is from Saks apparently, and costs $300 for a two-tiered box
  • The world’s largest cheesecake weighed 2,133.5kg and had a diameter of 2.5 metres
  • And it’s not cheesecake exactly, but chef Antony Worrall Thompson once publicised a recipe for Snickers Pie that was reputedly 1,250 calories per slice. My New Year’s Resolution is to make it. Just thought I’d pop that one in there

Whew! That’s probably enough for now. If you think of any more exciting facts – cheesecake-related murders, etc – then feel free to share them with me (likewise if you have some spare cheesecake).


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