The Great Meringue Challenge, Day 1.

I’ve finally sunk the last of the cheesecake (and jolly nice it was too), so last night I opened the tin of homemade meringues. Mmm… meringues…. So versatile, so crisp, so chewy.

After nibbling one on its own – just to get the measure of it, you understand – I had a challenge working out how best to eat the rest (in other words, what I should eat them with). I have a fairly large tin full, and a boyfriend who (for once) does not want to share. This one is all on me.

I’ve decided to make it a challenge and try them in a host of different combos, so any intriguing suggestions will be duly noted. I’m slightly limited by the contents of our kitchen however – no berries or cream, so – alas – no Eton-themed shenanigans. I do have frozen sweetcorn and a jar of peanut butter though… crazy Malaysian-style Mess, anyone?

To kick things off, I kept things fairly safe. A couple of the crispy puffs with a dollop of lemon curd and a splash of whole milk (a pathetic attempt to make up for our lack of cream). I have to say, I surprised myself: it was pretty darn tasty. I mushed things up good and proper, and thoroughly pleasured my taste-buds. It really got me thinking: how’s about a meringue-flavoured cereal? Something luxurious, with nuts and oats and berries. Has that been done? It couldn’t be more sugary than Frosties, could it?

Anyway, creative brainbox that he is, the boyfriend suggested I add them to hot porridge, but I think that would be going too far…

Wouldn’t it?


2 responses

  1. I dunno, crumbled up into porridge with a swirl of maple syrup sounds delicious!

    How about with pears, toasted hazelnuts, icecream and chocolate sauce?

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