Chocolate Fridge Cake.

When a friend’s coming over for dinner and you don’t have much time to make pudding, you can always, always rustle up a fridge cake. With minimal fuss and ingredients, one of these beauts could be yours in just under 5 minutes. And what’s more, if you like things kind of melty, you don’t even need a fridge…

What you do need is a hob, a saucepan, a bar of chocolate (about 100g will do for 2 people), 3 or 4 digestive biscuits, a knob of butter/margarine and a generous dollop of honey or golden syrup. You’ll probably need something to set it in too (although you could just keep it in the saucepan and scoop it out with your fingers. That’s allowed – just make sure it’s cooled slightly first).

Now, before I continue, there are probably several killjoys out there thinking: what the hell is she talking about? Where are the raisins? The glace cherries? The cocoa powder? To you, my friends, I respectfully say: don’t pee on my parade. Fridge cake is all about seizing the day: mixing tasty things with tastier things, then smearing the results both in and around your mouth. Mmm.

Anyway, my recipe (the best one going, if you ask me) is so quick and simple to do, it’s almost not worth repeating. Still, just to get you going, here it comes: 

  1. Melt your butter/marge and honey/syrup on a medium heat.
  2. Chuck in your broken-up bar of chocolate and quickly…
  3. … crumble your biscuits into the mixture. Don’t worry about making super fine crumbs – big chunks of biscuit are welcome too.
  4. Stir until the chocolate has melted and your crumbs are all covered.
  5. Remove from the heat and spoon into a shallow container. Allow to cool.
  6. Refrigerate in case you like it hard. Ahem.
  7. Whenever you’re ready, EAT.

Now. This is a pretty loose set of instructions – they’re here to be mastered and then discarded, taking you on to higher things. Indeed, the best fridge cakes I’ve ever made have been very much off the cuff. Want jelly beans? Fine! Chuck them in! Chocolate chip cookies instead of digestives? Go for it! White chocolate for the base? Yes! But only if you throw in some dark chocolate buttons as well…

For me, it’s all about the texture. Chewy syrup and sweets; solid (and melty) swathes of chocolate; crunchy, buttery biscuit. It’s such a luxurious concoction – and great if you’re on a low budget (cheapo supermarket chocolate works just as well as all of the dearer alternatives).

To be honest, low funds are what brought me to fridge cake in the first place. At university, when my budget for food was less than a fiver a week, this was my staple dinner party treat. Even now, making fridge cake remains an appealing option – especially when my uni pals come knocking. Yesterday, it was my good chum Beardy (not her real name, but she does have a lot of hair – on the top of her head), who has a definite talent for bringing out my inner fatty (not a euphemism, by the way).

Whenever we get together, things get calorific pretty quickly. And so it came to pass last night. Plans for fridge cake were made, normal digestives were exchanged for the chocolate-covered variety, and out came some squares of a Reese’s peanut butter chocolate bar, tossed into the mix at the final moment.

My word, it was a triumph. Peanut butter and chocolate: a marriage made in heaven. At first we tried to pace ourselves but it was just no good: hundreds and hundreds of fabulous calories, gone before we knew it. And very much enjoyed.


2 responses

    • Excellent news! Provoking the drool reflex is what this blog is all about…
      Anyway, I temporarily forgot that not everyone spoke Pud-Hog, so here are a few definitions:
      – Hob = the top of a cooker (i.e. the place where your saucepans go to get steamy)
      – Knob = a block of butter (kinda vague, I know, but about an inch cubed of the stuff will do)
      – Gog = indefinable (sadly).
      Please let me know if I start getting cryptic again and I will tell myself off immediately.
      Happy hogging!

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