The Chocolate Brazil Nut.

Boy, do I love chocolate-covered nuts. Brazils, especially: huge ones, enrobed in milk chocolate…

When I was a young’un, my mum would reprimand me for chewing my chocolate and sweets. ‘Suck!’ she would cry, belting me one round the back of the head. ‘It’ll last longer!’ For too long, I obeyed. But when it came to chocolate-covered nuts, sucking just felt wrong. These things demand to be bitten, darn it. Otherwise you miss a treat: that lovely contrast as your teeth sink into the chocolate, then suddenly crunch through that brittle nut centre.

They’re a guilt-free pudding too. Super healthy (especially dipped in thick dark chocolate), a good source of protein and vitamins, and – in the case of brazils – a goldmine for selenium (an essential mineral which bolsters your antioxidant enzymes).

Oh, and in case you need more convincing, by buying brazil nuts you’re also supporting the preservation of South America’s rainforests. The trees don’t grow well in plantations, you see, and need a wild environment to flourish (what with their special pollinating bees ‘n’ all).

Clearly, I could preach all day about this, but it might get pretty boring pretty fast – so this time I shall spare you. Still, if you want to do something good and tasty this week, you might as well buy yourself chocolate brazils… 

…and save a few big ones for me.


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