The Mega Scone.

On Sunday we went to a tea room for lunch – a little place out in the countryside. I wasn’t expecting there to be much on offer; just a few cakes and sandwiches maybe. So imagine my surprise when we stumbled across the biggest scones I have ever seen.

I know I’m sometimes prone to exaggeration, but believe me when I say: these scones were ENORMOUS. Not just larger than average, but practically mutant-sized. Bigger than a baby’s head even – the equivalent of about four normal scones if you want a more accurate estimate.

As if that wasn’t exciting enough, they were selling these monsters in FIVE different flavours. Alongside the regular types (plain and sultana) were elderflower (whaaat?), strawberry (surely not!) and blueberry (OH MY GOD). I couldn’t get my mouth around one fast enough.

Unfortunately, there was a downside: they were just too large to eat without sharing. No way could I manage to taste them all. I did try my hardest to pester the Man into ordering strawberry or elderflower, but I should have saved my energy. He stuck to the tried-and-tested path of sultana. FOOL. Luckily, my mum was keen on blueberry, so I at least got to sample one of the more unconventional flavours.

They turned out to be quite tasty too, although if I’m honest that’s by the by. The spectacle of the thing – the sheer sconey volume – was enough to keep me satisfied.

Now, I know that quality is of course extremely important – but let’s be clear: it’s so much nicer to have a great deal of it. Right?


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  1. I saw an enormous scone in a cafe once, much bigger than a baby’s head, but when you asked for a scone what you got was a cake-like slice of this one massive scone, rather than a whole scone to yourself. Did you actually get the entire enormous scone to yourself when you ordered one? Have you managed to get your photos onto your computer? I’m intrigued.

    • Aha! I knew there was something I needed to do! I shall track down the pictures and get them on here ASAP (and yes, I did get it all to myself, thank goodness. Anything less would have made me cry).

    • Aha! I have done it – the photo is up! Sorry it took me so long (in my defence, I’ve been eating a LOT of puddings recently, so I have been a little distracted).
      I hope it’s all you ever wished to see 🙂
      Happy Hogging!

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