Cranbo Soz…

…or cranberry sauce, as the purists would have it. I’ve never really liked the stuff myself. For too long I’ve associated cranberries with the bladder ailments of (somewhat slutty) housemates past (none of whom will ever read this blog, thank goodness). Besides, I don’t eat turkey – or any other kind of meat for that matter – so it’s never seemed like anything I would want.

Until I made my own. As you regular Hog Blog Ogglers will know, in December I went on a cookery course at Jamie Oliver’s ‘Recipease’ and made a load of edible Christmas gifts. One of these was cranberry sauce (infused with orange peel and thyme) and I left my lesson with a fairly substantial jar of it. Not wanting to lug it all the way to mum’s house in my suitcase, I kept it in our fridge at home.

Cranbos. Not just for ho hos.

For ages I had no idea what to do with it. So I searched the web for some good, veggie-friendly ideas, and came across the idea of incorporating it into my breakfast.

My dears, it turns out that cranbo soz is a breakfast sensation! Many of you will have some left over from Christmas I’ll bet, so why not try it out on something new? My favourite combinations so far:

  • Swirled in natural yoghurt and dolloped on granola or muesli
  • Popped in a bowl of hot porridge, along with a sprinkling of cinnamon and almonds
  • Slathered on pancakes with cold stewed apple

Look. I swear, this stuff is wasted on turkey, so why not spare the poor birds next year? Carve up the Christmas Porridge instead – then we’ll all be gobbling happily.


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