Chocolate Digestives.

Oh brave new world, that has such biscuits in it.

I was feeling pretty lazy yesterday – must’ve been the mid-week blues. We had a friend round for dinner, but I could only just about muster the strength to pull down a packet of chocolate digestives. Frankly, I’m a terrible hostess at times.

Simple things, chocolate digestives – and fairly dull on their own. A mild wheaty biscuit, with a slighty-too-thin layer of mottled milk chocolate. Not bad, but not exactly thrilling. Mind you, if you’re feeling experimental, it doesn’t take much for things to get more interesting. There’s fridge cake, of course (see Hog Blogs passim), but when you’re feeling too lazy to even do that, there are easier ways to get pimping.

You can sandwich two digestives together, for starters. Double the choc, double the crunch – it’s not a bad way to get going. But there’s still room for improvement. After all, sandwiches like a good filling. So how about some peanut butter, slathered in-between? Like a Reese’s biscuit without the hefty price tag.

Perhaps you’ve got some caramel sauce hidden somewhere. You might like to smear that on instead – an improvised millionaire’s shortbread of sorts.

Of course, if you’re like me and you have no shame, you can always just get out a spoon, find all the lovely sweet things in your cupboards, and build a monstrous digestive stack, oozing with sugar and sauces. Were I slightly more responsible, I might add some little warning at this point. Something health-conscious, like ‘Please use your digestives with care.’ Luckily for you, I’m not responsible at all. So use your biscuits as you will and don’t be afraid to get creative.

One final thing before I go: should you stumble across any stunning new combos, then please send them this way immediately. Cheers!


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