The Master Bakers Reunite.

Hooray for Beardy and Mrs C!  The three of us – long-time pals from the days of uni – met up at the weekend for a post-birthday reunion (or Fat-Fest, as it might as well be known). And what a reunion it was, folks. Beardy spoilt us rotten. There was homemade soup! There was wine (thanks C)! There were nachos and chilli and cheese! And best of all, there was a three-tiered platter of chocolate cupcakes – with bowls of frosting and spoons to lick! Hooray, I say! HOORAY!

I failed to count how many cupcakes had been baked and frosted in my honour, but as well as the ones that were stacked in their tiers, other batches covered every surface of the kitchen. Truly, I am not worthy. 

Lovely moist sponges they were, with deep chocolate buttercream and candied butterfly sprinkles. Scrumptious to the max. As usual, the only downside was that I couldn’t put them all inside my belly. Not because of any sense of decorum or politeness (as a matter of fact, in our little group, unrestrained gorging is compulsory) – but because, logistically, what with all the tasty nachos and soup and cheese, they just wouldn’t fit.

How sad. You’d think that I might have stretched my stomach wide enough by now (it’s not like I haven’t been practising). Mind you, I can’t complain: I was given a tin full to take away, so I can always try to beat my highest score at home…

In addition to this cupcake congregation, I also brought a little fridge cake to be tried: an experimental jobbie, with a milk chocolate base and a thin meringue topping (yet another attempt to make the most of my Christmas meringue hoard). It went down well enough, but next time I think I’ll exchange the milk chocolate for white – and add a few puddles of lemon curd too while I’m at it. A lemon meringue pie fridge cake? Cor, blimey…yes, please.

As for Beardy and Mrs C, our next reunion’s already on the cards – and who knows what splendiferous treats it’ll bring? Mrs C’s gooey carrot cake, perhaps – zinging with layers of thick cream cheese? Or perhaps the infamous Death Crunch (a fatally good mix of dense chocolate crunch bars and cheesecake – invented by Beardy herself)?

All I know is whatever the pudding will be, I’ll want to get it down me with a shovel. So please excuse me while I go and get some practice. This stomach of mine has to double in size by March…


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