Brown Out.

Well, I said last night would be epic… and it was. A batch of delicious halloumi fajitas had us pulling out the sofa-bed for a lie-down early on. Then, as soon as our stomachs recovered, out came the home-made brownies.


Let me tell you, folks: that recipe is a winner. A gold-star-massive-trophy-top-marks winner. With bells on.

As Paul A. Young foretold, the brownies were even more exciting after a cool night in the fridge; so dense and sticky I needed two spoons to prise them from the tin. Before we got down to business, however, Mimi and I took a while to consider the possibilities. Hot or cold? Ice cream or no? Eventually, we decided to heat them up, and whipped out a small tub of Häagen Dazs.

30 seconds in the microwave reduced them to a steaming pile of goo. It was obscene. And, quite frankly, marvellous.

Served up with a ball of vanilla-specked ice cream, I had finally achieved the kind of sundae that I always hope for – but never get served. Rich, dark, meltingly soft, with chunks of milk chocolate to keep the teeth busy.


We had planned to move on to another combo afterwards – unheated, with a pool of salt caramel sauce perhaps – but, alas, our first helpings were far too hefty. I have to say I was surprised: the tin still looked pretty full. After what seemed to my stomach like a mega brownie blow-out, our overall supplies were going strong.

Could it be? The fabled Never-Ending Brownie, able to sustain even the greediest of Pud-Hogs for weeks on end?

I bloody well hope so – this is too good to be over with just yet.


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