Drum roll, please…

Fittingly, I appear to have reached my fortieth post for this blog – so how’s about we celebrate with a wonderful piece of good news?

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: prepare yourselves…



A recipe.

For Vegetarian Marshmallows.


Cue fireworks! Dancing girls! Camels and chocolate fountains!

This is the dawn of a new era!

No more will I have to deny myself the delights of a Rocky Road bar. Like the Meaties, I too will have the privilege of dipping marshmallows in chocolate. I could even get a log fire and toast the damn things, strumming glorious tunes on my uke.

Indeed, a whole new world of desserts is mine for the taking. All I need is some Agar-Agar (an edible red algae) and a sugar thermometer – mine for under a fiver in most decent cook shops.

Of course, being the courteous Pud-Hog that I am, it’s only fair that I share my find with you. It is rare though. And divulged from a very legitimate source. So give me some time alone with it first – and let me test it out. Then I shall unleash it to the world.

Stay tuned. And let the festivities commence!


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