Jelly and Ice Cream.

We were in a rush last night – caught in a jam on our way home from a walk – so the pudding we ought to have brought to my aunt’s house was swiftly downgraded to a packet of jelly. That didn’t make it lesser though, let’s be clear. This jelly was pretty exciting: mango crystals, from a halal shop near my Ma’s house. Vegetarian, of course, produced in Pakistan by a company called Ahmed.

It’s been too long since I had jelly. Way too long. The last time I think I was ill, and it was set for me by Ma in a Care Bear mould. If only that happened every time I had the lurgy. It’d give that murky cloud a silver lining, that’s for sure…

Anyway, last night, we cracked open a tin of mangoes too – a very bright idea of Ma’s. We used some of the syrup to boil up the jelly, then poured it all over some chopped mango pieces. It. Smelt. Fab.

With a train to catch and a roast to eat first, I wasn’t quite sure we would get to dessert (and yes, I admit, I panicked). Fate was on my side, however: it set within half an hour, still slightly warm but as firm as a horse’s arse-cheek.

Topped up with a scoop of Haagen Dazs, nostalgia wobbled down my throat. Why save this for children’s birthdays, I wondered? Truly, it’s a kingly pud: great to look at; to prod and chomp. And as long as you can boil water, you can make up a batch in moments.

Sadly, I only had two minutes to enjoy the fun. But lucky for me, the combo’s so smooth you can swallow it whole if needs be.

I managed to scoff two portions. And had luminous daydreams all the way home.


3 responses

  1. Having been given the Bompas & Parr jelly book for Christmas I’ve been experimenting with jellies… but made from fresh rather than packets/crystals. Takes longer of course but I’d recommend it highly. Yesterday I made rhubarb, strawberry and rosé jelly, for my housemate’s birthday (we’re eating it tonight, so I can report back later…) – rest assured, it looks and smells amazing.
    Here’s the book: – and I think you can use agar agar instead of gelatine in all the recipes.

  2. It was pretty delicious. It was actually only meant to be rhubarb and rosé, but I mistakenly bought half the amount of rhubarb I needed, so I substituted the rest with guiltily out of season strawberries. If anything it just made it more decadent. I was thinking of trying it again with sparkling rosé – fizzy jelly is awesome. The other plus about the recipe is that you only use the juice from the rhubarb, so I was left with a pan of cooked-down rhubarb and strawberry mess. I was thinking of making it into some sort of fool.

    And I would LOVE to come over and make jelly for you and the man. I’ve barely begun on the recipe book – all the really exciting ones are towards the end…

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