I don’t normally buy Gü puddings – they’re kind of expensive and often not vegetarian (harrumph!). But if the Man gets some and wants to share: well, who am I to turn him down? Being the wonderful bloke that he is (and perhaps not a little afraid of the wrath of Hog), he returned from the shops last night with a veggie-friendly box of Raspberry and Blackcurrant Pots: three small portions of mousse and compote, apparently designed as an afternoon treat.

By the time we got round to eating them it was about 9.30pm (nine and a half hours after noon, if you think about it, so still well within the right zone to be eaten). Retrieving my spoon, I peeled off the lid and got going. Wowzers it was nice: cool, tangy blackcurrant; pink and velvety mousse. Mmm. I was in heaven.

But a mere ten seconds later I was out of it again. For the folks at Gü, just 50g of ingredients is enough to constitute a ‘pud’.


What does pudding mean to you, my Ogglers? To me, it means roomy bowls, well-filled.  Not a tiny plastic pot that you could barely plant a bulb in.

In an ideal world I would have eaten all three – perhaps then I would have been satisfied. There was one little problem with that course of action though: despite being openly greedy, I don’t like to be mean. So no stealing puds that belong to the Man. Especially when he’s bought them.

Instead, I hung up my spoon and went for the chocolate tin. Thank God for leftover birthday supplies.


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