The People’s Supermarket – And The World’s Best Treacle Tart.

In a corner of Bloomsbury, on what is arguably the best-named road in all of London (Lamb’s Conduit Street), is a friendly little shop called The People’s Supermarket. The Man and I initially stumbled across it June 2010, the month in which they first opened their doors.  It was set it up as a food cooperative to be run by locals, providing them with good cheap food and minimising all the waste and landfill that major supermarkets usually generate (something which drives me mad on a regular basis). Members pay a small fee to join, contribute 4 hours every month to helping out in-store, and get a discount on their shopping in return.

TPS has always attempted to compete with the big name supermarkets, but because of its size is not always able to match them on price. What they have always done, however, is bloody lovely puddings.

In fact, their range of desserts has even included THE BEST treacle tart I have ever had the pleasure to digest: lovely thick pastry, deep sticky filling and deliciously moist treacle-soaked breadcrumbs – all home-made by local baking lovelies in their kitchen. Honestly, it was so perfect that I almost cried. THE. BEST.

Their pecan tart was similarly drool-inducing. And as for the raspberry chocolate brownie: dark, dense and delightfully squidgy.

On Tuesday, along with my bag of Bea’s-made beauties, the Man brought home a treat from The People’s Supermarket:  a thick square of banana, sultana and carrot cake. Mmm. But with it came some rather sad news: TPS weren’t doing so well with their rent, and were dangerously near to closing down. NOOOOOOOO! Where would I get my treacle tart? And where, dear Ogglers, would you??

So. If you happen to live in the London area I suggest you drop in and stockpile a load of their wonderful cake – it’ll probably be the best investment you make this year (and might even help them back out of the red). If that’s not incentive enough, I hear they’re doing a Bake Off next week to raise funds and promote Fairtrade Fortnight (consider me firmly in attendance). There’s also an online petition to sign (click here if you’ve got a spare minute).

This is serious, folks: the world of Treacle Tart could barely suffer such a loss. If I’m honest, neither could I.


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