Chocolate Pots.

Loads of my friends have given up chocolate for Lent. I don’t know why – on the whole they’re not religious – but as you can probably guess, I don’t feel inclined to join in.

Au contraire, on Saturday – along with a couple of honorary old-time Hogs (Beardy and Mrs C, in case you were wondering) – I committed the ultimate Lentile rebellion, and ate my fill of Chocolate Pots. Oh, Ogglers. Have you ever had a Chocolate Pot? If not, you haven’t lived. Beardy introduced me to them first, so many moons ago, and on Saturday, to a round of applause, Mrs C whipped them out of her fridge.

What an excellent way to end a meal.

In essence, a Chocolate Pot is like a mousse – only much, much denser (and generally bubble-free). There’s no definitive way to make one: you just need to get the proportions right. Chocolate (dark is delish), double cream, butter, caster sugar. That’s it. Then melt, mix, pour into a glass or ramekin dish, place in the fridge to set, and you’re left with a truly beautiful pud: glossy, rich, meltingly smooth and sumptuous.

Mrs C served hers with some giant red strawberries. Winner. Biscuits are good to dip too, as indeed are fingers (not to mention trotters, if you happen to be built that way).

Another ingenious thing to do (as Mrs C also demonstrated, baking whizz-kid that she is), is use the filling in pastry cases for wonderful chocolate tarts.

Personally, when I’m a millionaire, it’s my aim to bathe in the stuff twice a day.

Restraint? Not today, thanks. Life is made for eating.


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