White Chocolate Figs.

Move aside Pretzel M&Ms: I have found a new favourite treat. Ladies and gentlemen… I give you… the White Chocolate Fig.


Ta da!

Aren’t they beautiful? Like a box full of sea-smoothed pebbles. I’ve wanted to try them for ages and ages, but couldn’t help putting it off. The box looked far too glam for me; too chic and over expensive. Then I remembered my mantra: life’s too short to deny yourself something you want. And actually, at £7.95 for 200g, they weren’t the dearest I’ve opened my purse for.

As I’m sure you’ll have guessed, that first bite was worth every penny. As were the ones that followed. A thin, crisp layer of sweet white chocolate, that gave way to a sumptuous chewy baked fig. Syrupy, soft, with a flavour so deep that it could have been hoiked from a well of molasses.

Mamma mia.

Like my other perennial favourite – the chocolate-covered brazil – each sizable chocolate-dipped fig is, in fact, an angelically healthy substance, masquerading in naughty man’s clothes. Just a couple will make up a portion of one of your five-a-day. They are also delicious sources of fibre and potassium.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you going, there are plenty of people who reckon the fig makes a good aphrodisiac…

So float that boat, my dear Ogglers – and sink your teeth into a damned fine fig.


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