Frozen Grapes.

If you happen to live in England, you may have noticed it’s rather warm at the moment. Record temperatures, the smell of suncream, and not a single cloud in that big blue sky. On Monday night, to celebrate this new-found heat, we ate Magnum almond ice creams on warm white chocolate cookies. And I have to admit: it was ruddy lovely.

However, as anyone who’s ever eaten a Magnum-topped chocolate cookie will tell you, it was also ruddy sugary. So sugary, in fact, that even before I’d finished my final mouthful, my brain cells were lifting and separating. I buzzed out the house like a bumblebee on acid.

As decadent as the experiment was, I quickly realised that such flagrant pud-hoggery is frankly unsustainable. Too much more and I’m pretty sure I’ll be struck down by some major glucose-related illness.

Thankfully, there is an alternative. Not chocolatey (alas), but still extremely delicious.

I’m talking, of course, about frozen grapes.

Now, I can’t remember who put me on to this, but I’m rather glad they did. It’s the simplest instant pud in the world (as long as you have a freezer) and the results are gosh darn exciting. I’ve tried it a few times with white grapes, but red would work just as well.

All you need to do is give a handful of the bad boys a quick rinse, remove from their stalks and pop on a tray, arranging them so they’re separate (if they’re touching they’ll fuse together, you see). Put this tray in the freezer for around about 20 minutes and you’re probably ready to go.

If you get the timing right they’ll be icy cold, with a lovely firm texture that still retains some juiciness. Better yet, something about the process makes them tingle on the tongue – like a much tamer version of popping candy.

Imagine the nicest jellied sweet you ever had, then chill it, take out the bad additives, and add a load of vitamins.


They’re lovely in cocktails too…

Frankly, with grapes in the house, you’d be mad to use an ice cube.


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