ChocFest Take Three: Outsider Tart.

I’ve done the intro. I’ve done the hot chocolate. So now it’s time to do the cakes. Not just any old cakes, mind you: the ones I would like to bring to your attention today are particularly exciting cakes – never-seen-before cakes – made by the geniuses of Outsider Tart.

Hailing from New York and now based in Chiswick, these guys do THE BEST American-style baked goodies in the biz. I’ve hovered round their stall a bunch of times (they appear at the Southbank a lot), and every time I have I’ve been tempted to spend all my money.

Brown sugar brownie? Pecan square? Oatmeal whoopee pie? Yes, yes, and YES.

On Saturday I couldn’t stop at just one cake – so naturally I bought two (and champed at the bit for a third). Why was I so excited? Well, I’ll show you the pictures in a moment, but mainly it was because – unlike a lot of other fancy-schmanzy places I could name – these guys plump for good, solid, densely-packed deliciousness over dainty, glittery overpriced fluff. And have therefore got their priorities straight.

Anyway, without further ado, I give you my weekend’s baked purchases: the Mile High Bar… 

…and a slice that I think was probably called an Oat Caramel Crumble Bar (…too… excited… Memory Banks… collapsing…)

Don’t they look excellent? Exactly what I look for in a cake as well: large, thick, gooey, and – in the case of the Mile High Bar – extremely generous with the chocolate.

So what was in these marvellous cakes? I hear you ask. Let’s start with the Oat Caramel Crumble Bar…

Actually, I think you can probably guess that one. However, I will add that I think I detected some chocolate in the base as well (a lovely added bonus) – plus a load of obligatory pecans (it just ain’t quite American without ’em). Altogether? A beautiful balance of crunch, chew and crisp. Thumbs up.

But the Mile High Bar – the MILE HIGH BAR! Now that’s what I’m talking about: an uninhibited slab of milk chocolate, cranberries and crunch to which my photo just does not do justice. You can’t really tell how much chocolate was packed into it (at least 51%, I’d say). And of course I can’t pass on the smell to you either.


Still, take it from me: the way my teeth sank into it was the highlight of my week. If I’m honest, from now on, any chocolate cake in which chocolate is not THE prime ingredient will be viewed as one that has not reached its full potential.

Bakers of the world: take heed.

Now somebody, please, buy me a copy of their cookbook – or buy one for yourself at least and send me the results.

This is Pud-Hog reporting. Over and out.


2 responses

  1. You are so right. The Mile High Bars are the best – EVER – I dream about them. Somehow I always ‘manage’ to be at the Southbank on a weekend to serve my addiction. I feel so much better now I know I’m not the only one. Those boys really know how to cook a cake.

    • You dream of Mile High Bars? Boy am I jealous! Last night I dreamt I was rescuing dogs (and there wasn’t a cake in sight).
      Anyway, no: you are definitely not the only one. And as addictions go, I’d say that it’s a keeper…
      Let me know if you find any other exciting Bars and I’ll trot on down (not that I need an excuse).
      Happy Hogging!

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