Millie’s Cookie Cupcakes.

You know something’s a good idea when your first thought on hearing it is, ‘I wish I’d thought of that.’ That was exactly my reaction to the Millie’s cookie cupcake. A cookie in the shape of a cupcake? Pure ‘To Hell With It‘  genius – and, apparently, no other bakery in the UK is currently doing the same. What fools these bakers be (only joking, guys. You know I’m your Number One Fan)!

Of course I had to try some, so yesterday, after work, I sprinted to the nearest store and got myself a box.

Let the Taste-a-thon begin!

Oh, Lordy. Aren’t they beautiful? Apparently you can order a batch of the things as wedding favours (heart-shaped, if you fancy) and, looking like this, I can see why you’d want to (though I’m not sure I could really bear to share them if I’m honest – such is my generous spirit).

Still, I was feeling wary. More often than not with confections like this, the snazzier the outside, the more disappointing the inside. But not this time, Ogglers. Hell, no!

So where is a Pud-Hog to start? With that first bite, I reckon: a joyous first bite indeed. The texture was just what I hoped for: smooth, deep buttercream, fresh cookie innards (soft to the point of gooiness), and generous chunks of Belgian chocolate. I was so impressed I even went scientific, bisecting a cupcake to check out its magic insides. As I had predicted: goo + goo = gosh darn goooood.

Check out the peaks on THAT.

To the Man’s amazement/disgust, for the next twenty minutes I nibbled every icing/cookie combo I could lay my trotters on: double choc with white vanilla frosting, milk choc cookie with pink strawberry frosting, blue on white, blue on brown, white on white… Whew!

I’ll admit, with all that experimentation, I may have overdone it slightly. These cupcakes might look small, but they pack a hefty punch – with such deep wells of frosting, your pancreas may start to sing after one and a half. They certainly make a decadent treat. Still, in the name of science, such things have to be sampled thoroughly. My favourite combo? The milk chocolate chunk cupcake with chocolate icing (the one in the second picture, as it happens). With the slightest hint of salt and flakes of white chocolate to boot, I was well on my way to Hog Heaven.

For the record, I liked the blue icing too – allegedly flavoured vanilla, it tasted just like those supermarket birthday cakes I used to beg Ma Hog to buy. Then again, if you’re a fan of strawberry, you probably ought to go for the pink. You know that stripe of strawberry you get in Neopolitan ice cream? It was almost exactly like that.

Anyhoo, whatever kind of icing you require, I’m convinced this kind of fusion is a step in the right direction. It only begs the question: what will they come up with next? The cookie sandwich has already been done. So how’s about some cookie sushi – made with fish-shaped cookie dough? Or ice creams with cookie-made cones?

Goodness me. Now there’s a thought. Just give me a day to recover and I’ll get the lab fires burning.


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