Lucky’s Tiny Pieces.

STOP PRESS! There’s another new addition to the world of London puddings. You’ll be pleased to know it’s chocolate based – and very tasty too.

The Man and I encountered Lucky’s at Spitalfields Market, but their products are sold at Harrods and Selfridges too. Their speciality? Alice-in-Wonderland-themed chocolates filled with cake! Now, I’ve had chocolate covered brownies before (from the Chocolate Café at Niko B, no less…) but these were something else.

I admit, I almost didn’t go for them. I love cake and I love chocolate, but they seemed a little pricey for their size (upwards of £1.55, for a small 27g chunk). Even their website describes them as ‘tiny’. Nevertheless, the Man was champing at the bit – and it’s never a hardship when someone else offers to pay…

There were plenty of flavours to choose from, but the three he bought were Chunky Nutter (‘40% milk chocolate filled with white chocolate chunk and pecan brownie’), Fancy Fudge (‘60% dark chocolate filled with milk caramel and honey cake’) and Sour Kick (‘40% milk chocolate filled with apricot compote and honey cake’).

Cubes of Cakey Goodness.

We ate them in that order and were very glad we did. You see, they got progressively more delicious as we went.

As it happens, the first, Chunky Nutter, was tasty enough but slightly disappointing: the chocolate – as with all of them – was fantastically thick and satisfying, but the brownie seemed almost nut-free.

Fancy Fudge though… oooh. The honey cake filling was extremely moist, and tasted not unlike Lebkuchen (those spiced German biscuits you can pick up cheap at Christmas time). And as for that caramel layer: thick, soft, DELICIOUS. Overall, it was more like ganache than cake – and properly earned its status as an unusual luxury treat.

Then again, even that paled into insignificance after one bite of the Sour Kick. Seriously, Ogglers: if you like goo, you’ll be in heaven. Tangy fruit compote, juicy cake – I’d say it was rather exciting. And that would be an understatement.

The only downside was that, after taking my time to savour that glorious taste, I turned around to see the rest promptly vanishing (tumbling down the rabbit hole, so to speak). I suppose I can’t really complain – the Man made the purchase, after all – but I couldn’t half have savoured another sweet niblet before it sped off down his gullet.

Good thing they sell them in 95g chunks too… I just need to fill my Piggy Bank. Maybe next time I’ll be the Lucky one.


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