Holly Hog’s Amazeballs.

Greetings, Ogglers. I’ve returned! Six days in sunny Devon, and it’s already back to London town for the Pud-Hog.

It’s been a lovely break, not least because of several delicious puddings (more of which tomorrow). But the best thing I ate – by far – was not a treat local to the West Country. In fact, it was more of an import: a box full of chocolate cakey truffles, made by my very own cousin, Holly Hog, and brought to the cottage we were staying in. This isn’t my first post on cake-filled truffles, I know. Hopefully it won’t be my last either. This is one trend I’m more than happy to back.

Awesomeballs, Tastyballs, Lovelyballs, AMAZEBALLS.

Aren’t they stunning?! She calls them Amazeballs, and you can see why (clearly, they are AMAZING). All those sugar flowers and swanky decorations? Holly Hog made them herself. She must’ve inherited all the baking skills – if I’d had a go, they would’ve looked more like cow pats.

Sadly, however, I’ll never get the chance to fully replicate them. In fact, none of us will.

Why? Because H.H. didn’t use a recipe.

I can vaguely tell you how she did it, if you like. Then we can all make a mess together in pursuit of the Amazeballs dream. At the very least there’ll be plenty of bowls to lick out. Worth a go, don’t you think?

Amazeballs Recipe – Improv Stylee:

So. First you need to make yourself a chocolate cake (try Delia Smith’s All-in-One sponge, maybe, with a couple of spoonfuls of drinking chocolate). However you do it, whatever recipe you use, don’t fret: it doesn’t need to look perfect because the next thing you’ll do – once it’s cooked and cooled – is turn the whole thing into crumbs (ah, cake crumbs. Remember all the fun we had with them before?).

After that you need to make a batch of chocolate buttercream (how much? Who knows). Mix this with the crumbs and start to form your balls (ooh er, missus). Careful with the proportions of cake to buttercream though – if you make them too soft, they’ll probably be more gooey and delicious, but they’ll never hold their shape.

Anyway, once all your balls are ready to roll (so to speak), you can cover them in melted chocolate and leave to harden in the fridge (before adding optional decorations). My personal preference is for a white chocolate coating: it made an extremely good contrast with the chocolate cake filling. It was also double thick, to hide the darkness of the inside. NICE.

I should also mention here that – for extra texture – H.H’s cake mix contained pecan nuts and chocolate chunks. What with that and the sugar flowers, they were everything a Hog could ever want: soft moist cake, thick crisp chocolate and sweet chewy decorations. Even now I could do with a napkin to contain my ecstatic dribblings.

Good old Holly Hog. She qualified as a doctor you know. Now she’s not quite sure what to do next.

Might I suggest a role as Pud-Hog’s Personal Baker?

Go on Holly, you know it makes sense. Cure my hunger!



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