Places I Need To Visit: Cookie Dough Creations, Illinois.

Before I die, at some point in the middle of the next millennium, there is somewhere that I really need to visit: the Cookie Dough Creations store in Naperville, Illnois. For those of you not fortunate enough to know it already, here’s the concept: cookie dough, raw, served in every manner you could possibly conceive. We’re talking pint-sized servings, 10-inch cookie dough sandwiches, cookie dough cheesecakes, and multiple flavours (from chocolate chip to cake batter).

Bucket List Numero Uno

Right. Could somebody please explain to me: why, oh WHY, do we not have a place like this in England?!

It’s not like you can even catch salmonella from the stuff, so don’t give me that old excuse. Their raw dough is eggless for crying out loud! They’ve thought of EVERYTHING.

I’m sure there’s probably some dull explanation to do with ‘nutritional value’ behind our lack of a British cookie dough shop. But it’s not like you can’t already OD on sugar/fat/colourings already if you’re that way inclined (Cinnabon, Domino’s, those buckets of pudding that Sainsbury’s sell…).

I know what my body does and doesn’t need. And believe you me, when I first saw the CDC cookie dough sandwiches (on a menu pinned to the Man’s cousins’ freezer) I knew that I have never needed anything more in my life. I had been enlightened.

Imagine this place in the heart of Soho, serving up dough by the pint. People would come from miles around. It would make A FORTUNE.

Canny Investors, I’m looking at you. You can do this. You should do this. And in case it wasn’t clear enough already, yes, I will help with the taste tests.

Call me, OK? I’m yours.


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