The Caramel Pecanbon.

I did it again, Ogglers – I went to Cinnabon.

I couldn’t help it, I swear. After the last time I simply couldn’t stop thinking about their juicy cinnamon buns. It was driving me to distraction. Besides, I had a decent enough excuse: my good friend Mimi wanted to give them a whirl, and as her birthday was last week, it was only polite to chaperone.

What’s more, as you may recall from my last encounter with this mystical bun-making haven, me and the folks at Cinnabon had unfinished business. Namely, I needed to taste the Caramel Pecanbon – the biggest and most calorific of all their products, at a whopping 1,080 calories per bun.

Incidentally, the ‘Nutrition’ section of the Cinnabon UK website is down at the moment, so that calorie info comes to you straight from the States. Diet Conspiracy Theorists, get to work. The rest of you shake off that mild paranoia that Cinnabon’s dodging the truth and LOOK AT THIS:

The Caramel Pecanbon: Cake-land’s most beautiful monster

A squidgier, oozier bun I never did see. As the server plucked it from its tray, great ropes of caramel clung to his tongs, trying to pull it back down. No wonder it was so dang calorific – you could barely see the dough for all the syrup and chopped-up nuts.

Wanting to do things properly, we purchased a couple of Cinnabon Bites as well – two small dough balls, literally dripping with frosting. I couldn’t let Mimi come all this way and not try their cinnamon-flavoured treats, after all (so don’t try to make me feel guilty).

Just so you know, the Bites weren’t quite as nice as the normal-sized Cinnabons (no crispy caramel bases), but they helped us get home fast enough that our Pecanbon was still warm in its box.

So how did it compare to the rest of the range, I hear you ask?

Well, it certainly did what it said on the tin: seriously nutty and sweet, super soft, even a little bit cinnamony. It whooped the cheap-tasting Chocobon into the dust, without a doubt. As far as I’m concerned, however, it barely touched the glory of the Classic.

Might as well save yourself the calories and buy that one instead – just like I’ll be doing as soon as I possibly can.

Bun addict? Me? What an earth gave you that idea?


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