Marc Demarquette’s Jubilee Marbles.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the only interest I’ve had in the Queen’s recent Jubilee is food-based. Carriages, fly-pasts, concerts – I can take them or leave them. But special commemorative puddings? Count. Me. In.

A few weeks ago, I wrote about a stupendous Chocolate Cream Tea that made her maj’s fussing all worth while. Then, at the weekend, I came across these:

A bag of the old red, white ‘n’ blue

They are, in case you were wondering, a bag of Jubilee Chocolate Marbles from Marc Demarquette.

Now then, Ogglers. Perhaps you’re thinking: wasn’t the Jubilee a good few weeks ago?

That’s as may be.

But before you start moaning that this post is somehow misplaced/late/long overdue, I’d like to remind you that (a) Jubilee weekend was just an arbitrary set of dates and nothing to do with any kind of official anniversary – and (b) would you say no to a bag of chocolates that looked as intriguing as this?

Thought not.

Anyway. Enough of this imaginary argument. We’re here to talk about chocolate.

Inside this bag was a collection of flavoured caramels, with the white being vanilla, the red being strawberry, and the blue being salted – a jolly exciting idea if ever I saw one.

Further nosing on the Demarquette website revealed that flavoured caramels are quite a speciality of his, with choices including Maple and Pecan, Somerset Apricot and Kentish Cobnut (Lordy, Lordy! Gotta get me some of those).

As caramels go, the marbles tasted pretty darn good: the fillings were extra smooth in texture but also slightly thick – not too far off a melty fudge consistency.

Now, before we started eating I’d expected to like the salt caramel best. In fact, to my surprise, it was vanilla which rocked my socks – the taste of an ice cream on a Sunday afternoon… Mmm.

The strawberry, too, got me thinking of the Best of British: not so much fresh fruit at Wimbledon, more like a home-made jam tart.

If I hadn’t been sharing with the Man, I would have been tempted to take one of each and eat them together: a strawberry and vanilla fusion; like a fancy Neopolitan in chocolate form.

Cor, blimey.

I might’ve swooned over the salt caramel marble too, if it hadn’t been enrobed in dark chocolate. Don’t get me wrong – I love a spot of dark (especially in a good brownie), but that hint of bitterness got in my way – and took just that little bit longer to melt.

Nevertheless, any more tasty offerings like this and I’m worried I could turn into a Royalist.

Seems unlikely, but now that my marbles have gone you never know…


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