Granny Hog’s Eccles Cakes.

A few weeks ago I waxed lyrical about Granny Hog’s best creations. Confirming my suspicions that flattery gets you everywhere, I was swiftly rewarded with a swag bag of the good stuff – my Number Two in the pud-charts: Eccles Cakes.

Don’t you just love it when that happens?

Just to refresh your memory, Eccles Cakes are rounds of puff pastry filled with juicy currants. Originally hailing from the town of Eccles in Lancashire (but now a favourite across the land), they are a much-coveted treat in the Hog House, and nearly always appear at special teatime events.

So prized are these golden wonders, Ma Hog used to wheel them out in order to prove Granny’s status as Pastry Chef extraordinaire.

Worked every time.

Alas, as I mentioned back in June, these days Granny Hog buys her pastry pre-rolled. But that doesn’t stop them being extremely delicious.

The Man and I ate a couple last night. With their mix of flaky sugar-coated pastry, wet currants and numerous spices (among them cloves and nutmeg), they’re the perfect thing to tuck into on a chilly July night.

Today, as things got even chillier, I heated up a couple in the microwave. In moments my tummy was cradled in warm and curranty arms.


Now normally I might try to make some funny quip at this point – a little pun or two to round things off. I might mention some other Eccles Cakes I’ve tried, and lament how far from satisfactory they turned out to be in comparison.

Today, however, there’s just no need.

Granny Hog’s Eccles Cakes rule.

Full stop.


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