The Gelupo Peanut Banoffee Pie.

A lot of the time when I’m hunting for pudding, something will immediately present itself as what I should be eating (that monstrous Manor House Fruit Cake being an excellent case in point).

Even so, it’s not uncommon for there to be so many tasty choices that I’m paralysed with indecision.

My usual – and most favourite – solution is buying everything I fancy, preventing me from ever missing out. However, when I visited the Gelupo gelateria in Soho yesterday, that wasn’t really an option.

I was hungry, yes, but two frozen puddings, a chocolate covered cone, and a tub of four or five ice cream scoops might have been pushing it just a tad. If nothing else, it was a very humid night and I doubt I would’ve got to them all before they melted…

Anyway, after several painful minutes of rushing from freezer to counter and back again, a sample of peanut butter ice cream and some words of wisdom from the girl at the till, I finally settled on what I would have for dessert: the Peanut Banoffee Pie.

Looks good, doesn’t it? Wanna Coppa feel?

One of six new desserts (a.k.a.the  ‘Gelupo Coppa’ range), it was something I had never seen before – and a flavour combination that’s been close to my heart since my American Great Aunt introduced me to PB & Banana sandwiches nearly twenty years ago (thanks for that, Libby! I’m indebted).

Besides, that sample of peanut butter ice cream I tried before buying? AWESOME. So creamy, so thick, so… peanut buttery. Any dessert that tasted remotely like it was bound to be a winner.

Indeed, not only did this have the ice cream (peanut butter and caramel, no less), it also had a layer of vanilla pod-studded cream (ooh), grated chocolate (ooooh), a biscuit base (ooooooh) and banana jam (oooooooooooooo – all right. You get the idea).

It also had a very limited lifespan as soon as it left the freezer.

Unable to get to the bottom with the small tasting spoon I’d acquired, I ran home – literally ran in my weak strappy sandals – to eat it before it turned liquid.

By the time I’d got hold of a long metal spoon, the topping had started to drip a bit, but the rest was still cold and intact.

My jog had paid off. And my prize was delicious.

The banana jam was surprisingly fruity and tangy – not a one-flavoured mush like plain old banana can usually be. The cream was delicate and rich. The ice cream was obviously superb – if slightly drowned out by the rest of the pudding. And despite being softer than I would have liked, the base was pretty darn tasty.

Of course, I could have done with more (especially after that spot of impromptu exercise), and, at £3.95 for 150ml, it wasn’t quite as bargainous as the panettone I bought on my last trip to this joint.

Still. That doesn’t stop me from lusting after the other five puds in the range.

Gelupo: I’ve said it before, I know. But in the words of a very wise Austrian, I’ll be back.

Only next time I’ll be in my running shoes.


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