The Miniature Ice Cream Crawl – Part Two.

Now where were we, Ogglers?

Oh yes. That’s right. I was telling you all about my ICE CREAM CRAWL!

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about my visit to The Foundry, where we sampled a vast array of delicious Sicilian ice cream. After seven different flavours (including an über-creamy sundae), the Man and I were feeling a wee bit stuffed.

Still, there was no chance of pausing to rest. We had a duty to uphold. Our next (and final) stop: Carom, a Pan Indian restaurant based in the heart of Soho, where we were due to tuck into some Kulfi.

Want some? Grab a spoon

In case you hadn’t heard of it already, Kulfi is a frozen milky dessert and is extremely popular in India (from where many of my favourite puddings hail).

Essentially it’s ice cream, only much more solid and dense than the stuff we have here. Usually made with condensed milk, it’s not whipped and takes much longer to melt than your average Mr Whippy – an asset in a climate like India’s.

As a mini aside, did you know that they use a different recipe for Cadbury’s in India too? That one takes longer to melt as well – doesn’t taste quite as nice as the British version though…

Anyway, I digress.

Having walked to Carom from The Foundry, we’d thankfully built up a little bit more of an appetite. I was ready for our Crawl’s final stage.

We were ushered to a dimly lit booth in the back of the restaurant, where music blared from an empty dancefloor (they were raring up for a Gay Pride event). As we passed a few men drinking cocktails in drag, I could almost have been in a David Lynch film.

Ah. If only all of Lynch’s movies were interactive, and came with tasty puddings…

Red Velvet [Cake]?

Wild at Tart?

Lost Pie-Way?

I’m digressing again. Back to the Kulfi I go.

Three flavours were on offer and – pioneering foodies that we are – we tried them all (I’ll accept your medals for bravery later). Each one was creamy, dense and beautifully flavoured – unmistakeably tasting as advertised.

There was Lychee (the Man’s favourite) which was a bit chewy, very fruity and fresh. There was Mango (my second favourite) which the Man seemed to think tasted just like cheese (in fairness he hates fresh mangoes – I thought it was just right). And finally, the winner once again, was… Pistachio.

Now, I’ll admit that after the triumph of The Foundry’s Pistachio gelato, this Kulfi had a lot to live up to. But it was lovely.

Also home-made (but apparently not at the restaurant – our host didn’t know exactly where) it contained lots of cardamom and plenty of crushed nuts to crunch. Yum.

Naturally, I was pleased to discover that delicious Pistachio ice cream isn’t limited to just the one place (though The Foundry’s richer recipe probably had the edge).

I was less pleased to discover, however, that when it comes to Ice Cream Crawls, I have a fairly limited capacity.

If only I’d had the space and stamina to move on to somewhere else – buy some ice cream floats or get the Man to feed me Magnums. Alas, my head and my stomach just would not cooperate.

That’s the problem with Ice Cream Crawls, I guess: there’s no time to keep yourself eating. As soon as the stuff hits your belly, the ‘hangover’ starts to appear.

Not that I’m going to stop trying it.

I just need a while to recover.


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