I can’t believe it’s been eight months, and I’ve never once written a post about flapjacks.


I’m not talking about the American/Canadian kind (i.e. Pancakes) – though, in fairness I love those too. No, I’m talking about those oaty slabs of golden goodness which make cereal bars look like compacted sawdust.

Now THAT’S what I’m talking about

Today’s reveries were triggered by a box of mini flapjack squares from Sainsbury’s. Unusually for those cheapo mix-and-match supermarket tubs, they were actually pretty darn good. Almost as good as home-made, in fact.

Chewy, soft, with a texture not unlike fudge, they made for extremely moreish eating. When I looked a little closer, I found out why: their main ingredient (aside from oats) was sweetened condensed milk.



Still, however good they might have been, they weren’t a patch on the best flapjacks I’ve ever had. Made and shared out by the Man’s side of the family, these wondrous slices were initially (and accidentally) created by his late Grandad.

A bit too much of the naughtier things, a dish that wasn’t quite wide enough, and hey presto! A batch of super rich, super thick, super gooey flapjack that nobody can turn down. Thankfully, the ‘mistake’ has been passed on and even now squabbles break out over who can start eating them first.

Not that I join in or anything (promise), but blimey, they’re worth fighting for.

You might think that flapjacks are supposed to be slightly healthy. That they should be packed with dried fruit and seeds.

Please. Allow me to correct you.

Now that I’ve seen the light (and tasted the best of the best), I can honestly say that anything dry, crispy or healthy is just a gorgeous flapjack-opportunity missed.

Why wouldn’t you want those dreamy golden syrup tones? What possible benefit is there to reducing all the fat? I mean, really. If you want to eat something healthy, don’t desecrate a well-known classic. That would just be criminal.

If it makes you feel less guilty, at least even the naughtiest flapjacks still have oats. Good at reducing cholestorol, preventing heart disease, controlling your blood sugar level and plenty more besides, at least you can cling to that when your teeth fall out from too much golden syrup.

As always, I have your best interests at heart. Don’t thank me though, Ogglers.

I’m just a humble Hog doing my humble pud-eating job.



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  1. I visited London for the first time in my life and bought Sainsbury`s Flapjack there. They were so amazing that I am dying to have a recipe. (I found bunch online, but none of them called for sweetened condensed milk. I wonder how different the recipe with sweetened condensed milk would be from a regular recipe). Do you happen to have one? I would really appreciate it!

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