The Cinnabon Substitute.

Those of you who read this blog regularly will know that I have a bit of a thing for Cinnaboneven though the calorie content of some of their buns is enough to make me run to the nearest treadmill.

Goodness knows what goes in there to make them so gosh dang addictive, but if the presence of hidden ingredients is something that concerns you, worry not: there is an alternative.

I can’t claim credit for finding it – that accolade belongs to my good friend Mimi (she of the chocolate and cream-soaked doughnut), who tracked it down on tinternet.

I will take some credit for the inspiration though (I need to feel like I’ve done something for this experiment, after all)…

I had introduced Mimi to Cinnabon on her last trip up to London, when a Caramel Pecanbon blew both of our minds. Not long afterwards she sent me a message, saying she’d found a recipe for a clone.

Not only would this clone cost less for a whole batch than one normal bun at Cinnabon, but we would also know exactly what went into it. No hidden colourings or additives – just sugar, flour, yeast, cinnamon, fat, milk, eggs and cream cheese.

To my utter delight, she baked me some yesterday morning – and bought up a box-full to try.

Let me tell you, Ogglers: the results were stupendous.


Sure, it doesn’t look like one you’d get from the shop – instead it looks home-made (and so arguably much more appealing).

It also wasn’t as soft as your normal Cinnabon: even when fresh and warm it had a bit more bite, meaning you couldn’t quite inhale it like you can with the shop-bought versions (though again, that’s probably good).

Just like an official Cinnabon, however, the counterfeits were extremely juicy and dripping with cinnamon butter.

Better yet (and I cannot stress enough how excellent this was), Mimi had the masterstroke of keeping the cream cheese icing in a separate container. Because of this, we were able to choose just how much we used – and so weren’t obliged to send ourselves to Headachesville.

My word, it was delicious.

Spreading on that zingy icing, mopping up buttery bowls with fingers – having an extra half for good measure.

Who knows? Maybe I ate a bit more than I should have…

But at over 300 calories less per bun than Cinnabon – and just about half the fat – it could have been a whole lot worse.

Should you fancy following suit with some home-made bun fun, the recipe Mimi used is right here. Apparently it was dead simple and quick – as long as you leave enough time for the bun dough to rise.

Good luck then, Ogglers. May your produce be yummy and good for your tummy.

Happy Hogging!


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