Hello Dolly.

Further to my post on the Lantana Cafe last week, I forgot to add that I couldn’t quite leave without buying a treat from their bakery.

Word on the street is that their Blondies are divine (and I do love an excellent Blondie myself). But although they certainly looked the part (bigger than your average, with visibly large white chocolate chunks), my attention had been well and truly diverted…


Say g’day to the Hello Dolly Bar: an apparently well-loved cake slice described by the cafe in only a few choice words: ‘white chocolate, almonds, £2.40’.

Tell me, Ogglers: how is a Hog to resist?

I had never encountered such a thing before, but – as I hope you will agree – I thought it looked insanely good. With its mixture of condensed milk, white chocolate, almonds, and cheesecake-type base, I thought it could well be the next Kooky Slice: a new tasty treat to bring the Pud-Hog to her knees.

What I hadn’t banked on was the large amount of shredded coconut inside.

Now, before I go on, I’m well aware that the fabled Kooky Slice contains shredded coconut too. However, it doesn’t contain very much – and the quantities of chocolate and pretzel easily keep it in its place. Hello Dolly, on the other hand, was pretty much Coconut Central.

As you regular Ogglers know, I’m kind of ambivalent towards our dried old fruity friend. I’m trying so hard to like it, and although we’re getting on better these days, the white stuff is still not my favourite thing.

Here, especially, it was just too much: soapy and granular, when all I wanted was crunchy, sweet and melty.

It was such a shame!

If only I could have picked that darn stuff out…

You see, without those fibrous shreds it would have been perfect: a gorgeous crisp and buttery base, generous chunks of white chocolate, a flaked almond topping, and so much condensed milk it gurgled between my teeth.

Alas, it was not to be.

I guess it’s goodbye then, Sweet Dolly.


We may not meet again…


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