Dark Chocolate and Chipotle Chilli Ice Cream.

The ice cream that’s so tasty, it wears a hat to celebrate

Once again, I have warmed to the London Olympics. Just as before – in my post about the Global Feast – the reason for this warmth is pud-related.

Thanks to the 2012 games, you see, several food vans were brought to the hood where I generally earn my wage. They were part of the Eat.St Collective, a street food movement based in Kings Cross, which is normally out of my reach.

Last week – and for one week only – a load of them parked up close to my workplace as part of a sport-induced festival. Finally, I would be getting a look-in.

On the evening I visited, however, the number of vans selling puddings wasn’t exactly overwhelming. In fact, as far as I could see, there were only two: one selling Frozen Yoghurt, the other selling Ice Cream.

Good thing it was muggy.

Good thing, too, that the flavours of Ice Cream (hand-made and sold by Sorbitium Ices) were so gosh darn exciting.

The Man and I were drawn like moths to a flame (or Pud-Hogs to a candle-covered birthday cake), and spent the next few minutes pondering all the possibilities: Sea-Salted Caramel; Cherry & Rice; Watermelon, Lime & Rose Sorbet; Dark Chocolate & Chipotle Chilli…

I was upsettingly close to Indecision-Based Paralysis when I discovered we could taste samples before committing.

Praise be!

If we hadn’t, you see, I might have not have tried the Dark Chocolate and Chipotle Chilli, and would thus have missed out on one of the best Ice Cream Experiences of my life so far.

As you regular Ogglers will know, that’s quite a statement. After all, it’s been a great year for the Pud-Hog in terms of London Ice Cream (the Pistachio of my dreams at The Foundry, mind-blowing trips to Gelupo for Banoffee Pie and Panettone, lashings of Ben and Jerry’s at home…)

Sorbitium’s Dark Chocolate and Chipotle Chilli though: PHWOAR (and that’s an understatement).

It’s weird. I’m not normally over-the-moon about Chilli in puddings. It goes so wrong so often (too hot, overpowering, not complementary), but in this was a match made in heaven.

Perhaps it was the smokiness from the Chipotle, blending so well with the sweet – yet dark – chocolate. I felt my seratonin levels soar with every mouthful.

And what wonderful mouthfuls they were…

Somehow, my Ice Cream had softened in storage, so was served to me in a cup with a cone perched on top like a hat. The resulting texture was seriously smooth: more like eating a bowl of cold melted chocolate than anything else. So rich! So decadent! And so good for me too, I’m sure…

The Man was equally impressed by his Watermelon, Rose and Lime Sorbet.

It seemed rather lovely to me as well, but by that point my mouth was buzzing with Chocolate and Chilli – there wasn’t much space for the delicate flavours.

Ah me.

For your sake, Ogglers, I really hope they serve up that combo again. No promises though: the good folks of Sorbitium make up their flavours with seasonal ingredients, so you never know what you might find.

If it’s Sea-Salted Caramel you’ll be in for a treat (I tried a wee morsel and couldn’t stop groaning).

If it’s Dark Chocolate and Chipotle, do not pass by without smearing some over your taste buds.

Then again, by the time you track them down, they could be selling anything.

Take a look at the flavours on their website. Witness all the different sorts they made last year; combinations that may or may not be there when you stumble across their van.

Salted Honey Caramel, Damson Sherbet, Chestnut and Meringue, Quince and Cobnut…

Blimey O’Riley.

I cannot convey how excited those prospects make me, so I’ll give up and leave you with this:

Best. Flavours. EVER.




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