Coconut Yoghurt – and Raw Chocolate Curses.

As all you regular Ogglers know, I’ve wondered aloud about Dried Coconut here before and found it slightly lacking. Coconut Milk, on the other hand, is much easier to like. Creamy, soft, rich – everything that its scaly counterpart is not.

I’ve often had it with Thai-style curries, and in these it always works a treat. When it comes to puddings, however, the dried stuff seems to be far more prevalent. It’s a shame – it totally gives the ol’ nut a bad name.

The last couple of days, I’ve been trying out Co Yo – yoghurts primarily made with Coconut Milk.

I am Co Yo. Hear me Raw.

They’re strange tasting things – not subtle in flavour, but unmistakeably packed with a coconut tang. They aren’t sweet-tasting either: vegan, eggless, lactose free, with no added sugar or gluten, they’re what you might buy when you’re feeling the need to be virtuous.

But are they actually tasty?

The short answer is: on the whole.

I enjoyed the Berry version most of all. The fruit at the bottom was lovely – the hint of natural sweetness that I’d craved. Even the Natural was great with a chopped-up banana and oats. The texture of both was especially good: extremely thick and creamy; far more substantial than your average pot of cow-juice.

As for the Raw Chocolate variety…


Let me give you a small bit of backstory. Once upon a time I paid a visit to a raw food cafe in Brighton, intrigued by the prospect of Raw Chocolate Tart, and all its supposed health benefits (more enzymes to aid digestion, greater nutrition, etc, etc). While browsing the counter I saw some Raw Chocolate-filled fruit as well, and bought some Dates to have with my cake.

They weren’t cheap – together they cost about five pounds (exceeding my weekly shopping bill in one) – but being a Pud-Hog even then, I had to give it a go.

I tell you, Ogglers: It. Was. Gross.

Unbelievably bitter, musty, sour. Everything that pudding shouldn’t be.

In time, I suppose, with repeated exposure, I might have got used to the flavour. But, frankly, it didn’t seem worth it – despite whatever benefits there might be. For me, pudding ought to bring comfort and joy. Or else why would you bother?

Acquiring that taste would have been too hard work, so I made the decision to leave it be. Raw Chocolate and I gladly parted ways.

Until we met in the Hog House, just a couple of days ago.

Perhaps the bad experience wasn’t raw enough in my mind (geddit?!), but when I saw the Co Yo Raw Chocolate pot, I was very excited to try it. Once again I’d been duped; my hopes had been raised by the magic ‘c’.

A couple of mouthfuls in I remembered.

Bad times.

It feels almost mean to label a flavour like this as ‘Chocolate’ – even with the ‘Raw’ qualifier.

Chocolate should be melty, smooth, and (unless it’s the dark stuff) suitably sweet. This incarnation, however, was almost as sour as the Raw Chocolate Tart, with a bitter and long-lasting aftertaste. It didn’t go well with the coconut either: too much of a flavour clash, methinks.

Unless you’re some kind of masochist (with a specialist turn on puddings), I would probably steer well clear.

Or try it with the Berry one at hand – with any luck, your taste buds will forgive the trauma.

They’ll just need a couple of years to forget.


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