Summer Pudding.

Eh? Where did all the heat go? It might still be August (just), but all of a sudden the duvet is out and my cardigan’s coming to work again.

Never mind though, Ogglers. All those juicy raspberries that have spent all summer swelling can still be put to good use. We haven’t quite lost them yet.

Besides, if you’re tempted to feel a bit down at the thought of this cool spell, take cheer: the blackberries are arriving already.

Hooray! Hurrah! Huzzah!

Just the other morning I snuck out of Man-Pa and Man-Ma’s house, filling my hands with some home-grown berries (rasps and blacks alike). Truly, this is my favourite time of the year.

If, unlike me, autumn’s approach doesn’t take your fancy (and you still want to rally against the passage of time), you can always take a last-minute stab at August with a home-made Summer Pudding.

The season’s must-have accessory

This jewelled specimen you see before you was, I admit, not a Pud-Hog production, but made by the chef-tacular Man-Pa; such a lovely colour of pink it was almost a shame to eat it. No doubt it would have made a lovely brooch or head-piece if it hadn’t been so edible…

Anyway, back in the day, I used to make Summer Pudding with Ma Hog, and if you’ve not yet tried it out yourself you really, really should.

For starters, it’s seriously simple. Just line a bowl with some de-crusted slices of bread (stale is fine), simmer your chosen fruit for a couple of minutes, soak the bread with the juices and pour in what’s left. Cover it with a little bready lid (puddings love wearing hats, dontcha know), leave it in the fridge, and Bob’s your uncle (or your uncle’s long-dead jack russell, if you happen to be me. RIP you lovely beast).

Like many of my favourite desserts (Banoffee Pie, certain Cheesecakes, Tiramisu), this is one that greatly improves with age.

In fact, by the time I got to try some, this particular beauty was already over 24-hours old. A day after that, it was even better: the juices had properly soaked through the bread, leaving a dish that was extra juicy – and so zingy that my mouth was almost sparking.

Packed full of all sorts of goodies – including raspberries, blackberries and damsons (plus a dash of crème de cassis) – each portion must have contained at least two of my five-a-day. The level of sugar was perfect as well (if you ask me, too many Summer Puddings are far too sour).

Being healthy rarely tasted so sweet. Or looked so amazingly luminous.

Honestly, Ogglers. If that doesn’t brighten your day… well… I think you’re beyond my help.


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