The Chocolate Sandwich.

Last time I wrote about Honey & Co (they of the sinful Chocolate Hazelnut Loaf), the Chef, Itamar, got in contact via Twitter.

He advised me to try their newest creation: a Chocolate Sandwich with Peanut Butter. ‘You’ll need no other dessert,’ he said.

I didn’t have to be told again, and as soon as I could I was back, ogling the cakes and wiping the drool from my chin.

It’s funny how a restaurant with so many healthy lunch options (salads, falafel, stews), can be so downright devilish when it comes to afters.

Then again, maybe it makes sense: behaving with savouries gives you more scope to be wicked when pudding-time comes.

And wicked this certainly was.

In my head, when I saw the phrase Chocolate Sandwich, I pictured two slices of homemade bread, held together with lashings of chocolate sauce – like something Ma Hog might have put in my lunchbox for special occasions at school.

A lunchbox I’d like to get into…

As you can see, the reality was far more luxurious: two of the densest, most chocolatey Brownie-style Cookies, clutching a wedge of Peanut Butter Cream and Strawberry Jam.

It might have looked small, but turned out to be rather mighty.

In a word (or four): this sandwich was extreme.

So dense were the ‘crusts’, it took a a special move to spear a mouthful from the plate: wielding the fork like Excalibur, and thrusting it down to break things apart.

Eating it like a normal sandwich was pretty much out of the question (and I should know: it was the first thing I tried to do).

In the mouth, the cookies were just as intense: thick with huge chunks of chocolate, which gave the whole thing an amazing crunch.

And as for the filling… oh my.

Soft, cold and gooey, with everything in its rightful place. A perfect blend of sweet and salt, in fact (just in case, like the Man and I, you thought the jam might be a step too far – it really wasn’t).

Had I not been sharing this dish with my associate, I’d probably have concurred with Itamar, and needed no other dessert.

As it was, I had an excuse to try something else. And so to the next little beauty: a sponge of Mixed Spice, Almond Cream, Plum and Greengage slices.

A.K.A. the ‘healthy’ option

Like the Cold Cheese Cake of my last visit, this was a chance to balance things out – mute things a little after all that chocolate mayhem.

Extremely light, fruity and seasonal to boot, it proved to be a tasty way to atone for the sins of my past.

Did it buy back the chance to sin again too?

I certainly hope so. Or else I might be in trouble…


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