BUNANZA! One Dough, One Tray, and Many, MANY Flavours.

That’s right, Ogglers: it’s Bun-Time again; my favourite time of all.

Yesterday, I gave you a recipe for Orange and Dark Chocolate Buns. But why should we stop at just that?

You see, once I realised that Buns didn’t have to be Cinnabon Clones (delicious as they are) – and that it was perfectly possible to experiment – the universe seemed to open up before me.

I could do ANYTHING.

Armed with this knowledge, and a few choice ingredients, I set about assembling my Bunanza: a host of differently-filled sweet Buns, all from just the one batch of dough.

Below you’ll see a role call of my various creations. And you know what? It’s just the beginning.

All you need to do to join me in this Brave New World, is follow yesterday’s Bun recipe, minus the Chocolate filling and Orange extract.

Then, my friends, the only limit will be your imaginations.

Fill ’em with chocolate, crumble, marmalade, sweets, fruit, loads and loads and loads of butter; whatever takes your fancy. Just remember to be liberal with your measurements (if you skimp on the filling, the whole thing will feel a bit dry).

It’s clearly a new dawn, Ogglers. And you know what’s good for new dawns? A steaming fresh batch of HOMEMADE BUNS.

BUNANZA (numerous flavours in just the one tray)!


  1. Prepare your Bun Dough as per yesterday’s recipe, excluding the orange extract (unless you want that citrussy taste). Stop when you reach Step 7
  2. For optimum chances to experiment, cut the dough into 12 strips and coat each one with whatever filling you choose (see below for ideas)
  3. Resume with Steps 10 to 15

Those Bunanza Bad Boys in full:

Salt Caramel (ooh)

Honey and Chopped Almond (aah)

Crumbled Biscuit, Chocolate Cream Cheese, AND Salt Caramel (whew)

Peanut Butter and Blackcurrant Jam (no way!)

A Bun full of juicy Mincemeat (this year’s Christmas Classic?)

As I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s quite a line-up.

But that’s not everything. Finally, with the benefit of such extensive experimentation, I feel I ought to tell you some of the things I learned:

  • Crumbled Digestive Biscuits don’t crisp up in the oven (they get moistened down by the dough)
  • Salt Caramel and Honey tend to leak into the baking tray while they cook – so brush those buns with more of the good stuff when they’re done for an extra boost of flavour
  • Peanut Butter fillings need LOTS of moistness (jam, butter, etc) or else they get far too dry
  • Mincemeat Buns are DA BOMB
  • BUT Cinnamon Sugar still rules the roost…

So there you have it, Ogglers: the Pud-Hog’s first Bunanza.

It certainly won’t be the last.


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