Pistachio Rose’s Chocolate Naans.

Warning: Pud-Hog has OD’d on sugar, and may start talking naansense

Look at that picture and tell me you’re not dribbling.

Did you just say you weren’t dribbling?

I don’t believe you!

You’d have to be mad not to fancy a chunk out of these: three Chocolate Naans from Pistachio Rose – the Indian-style baking boutique that wowed me with its jaw-achingly tasty Chocolate Tarts back in July.

Those of you who read yesterday’s post about the Cake and Bake Show will already know that these sweet Naans were one of my main highlights.

I suppose it was inevitable, given my current obsession with bread-based Chocolate goodies.

Then again, I like these kinds of things for a reason.

It’s the contrast of textures that wins me over: the softness of fresh bread combined with the crunch (and subsequent melt) of Chocolate.

And boy, did these Naans have a glorious texture.

The bread itself was homemade by Pistachio Rose’s Rekha at 4am that morning. Having sold out the day before, I could hardly leave her stall without a small batch to try with the Man, so we settled for buying three (two for me, one for him – the kind of sharing ratio I like).

I must admit, it took us a while to choose. On offer were numerous flavour combos: variations of Nut, Chocolate, Fig, and Coconut Flakes. In the end we plumped for the following: Dark Chocolate, Fig and Coconut; White Chocolate and Almond; and Dark Chocolate and Pistachio – all at a bargain £2 a pop.

Initially planning to eat them after lunch, I managed to walk no further than twenty metres before ripping into the first: the one with Dark Chocolate and dried Fig pieces.

It. Was. Incredible.

Talk about contrasting textures: here was chew (Fig), crackle (ditto), crunch and melt (Chocolate) and light, soft bread. I even enjoyed the feel of the dried Coconut – a foodstuff which generally leaves me feeling ambivalent.

The other two Naans were delicious as well: the White Chocolate had started to caramelise in the oven, and the crunch of the nuts was seriously satisfying, if a little tricky to stop scattering over the lap bones.

If only I’d had a nice cup of hot Chai… I’m sure it would have made a perfect accompaniment.

What a brilliant idea!

But wait – it looks like someone else thought of it first: there’s a High Chai Tea Banquet in the pipeline for October. Clearly, great minds think alike.

What a clever little Pud-Hog I am. Except…

OK, Ogglers. One second. I have a confession to make.

Those last few sentences were a bit of an act. You see, I actually heard about this High Chai dealie while I was at the Cake and Bake Show, so I might not be quite as clever as I just made out. I can’t let that kind of stuff stain my conscience.

You got me, Ogglers. BUSTED.

Then again, the concept of smearing Chocolate on everything – well, I’m pretty sure I invented that.

Looks like I have a great mind after all.

A great appetite too. No doubt.



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