Purbeck Ice Cream Soup.

It’s been a little while since I had a Sundae – not since my Ice Cream Crawl, in fact. But last weekend I had an encounter which returned them to the forefront of my mind.

We were back in the shire of Dorset; in the vicinity of Swanage, no less. And you know what that means, Ogglers: we were back in the land of Chococo – the chocolate shop-cum-café which served us our Jubilee Chocolate Cream Tea.

As before, there were plenty of sweet treats on offer – Scones, Brownies, Cakes, Ice Cream – and, naturally, I was paralysed with indecision.

While my fellow diners settled on savoury courses, I paced between the shop and our table, overwhelmed with opportunities.

Still harbouring fond memories of those Chocolate Chip Scones, I eventually had one warm with butter. Delicious.

Meanwhile, the rest of my table had moved on to dessert: Sundaes made with Purbeck Ice Cream.

The ‘Harry Met Sally’. Orgasmic

The Scone now reduced to sparse crumbs on my plate, it didn’t take long to feel hungry again.

It was the Man’s Sundae wot dunnit: two scoops of Ice Cream (‘Stawberry Seduction’ – studded with pieces of fruit), a sprinkle of Chocolate Malt niblets, a stick of solid Milk Chocolate and a HUGE jug of warm Chocolate Sauce.

So big was this jug that he couldn’t eat more than half. So I did my Hoggy duty and bought some more Ice Cream to finish it with. Not that this was all I asked for…

If you’re going to go for a Sundae-type treat, there seems little point in being restrained. So along with a scoop of Honeycombe Hash, I ordered a drizzling of Dulce de Leche Sauce, along with a handful of bright-coloured Chocolate Beans.

Ice Cream, meet Jug: your new best friend.

Twas a beautiful combo if ever I ate one (so texturally exciting), though on the way I learnt some things which I feel it is now my duty to share:

  1. Chocolate Beans (or any other sugar-coated candies for that matter) do not take long to become rock hard under Ice Cream. Ogglers with fillings: AVOID
  2. Good Chocolate Sauce can’t be beaten. By anything. Warm, thick, melty… It’s the best Ice Cream Sauce there is (especially at Chococo)
  3. It may not yet be socially acceptable to lick out a jug in a cafe – but some things just need to be done

There’s one more thing I’d like to pass on, but it isn’t something I learnt – more of a realisation: I love eating Ice Cream Soup. And when I say ‘Ice Cream Soup’ I don’t mean anything warm or specially made. I mean a bowl of tasty Ice Cream that has been thoroughly pulverised by a spoon.

Like so

As you can see, I did this in Chococo, much to the Man’s disgust. ‘It looked so nice before,’ he told me. ‘Now it just looks like poop.’

But did it taste like poop, Ogglers?

Hell no!

Every mouthful was Honeycombe, Sauce and hard Chocolate combined: all the components mixed together; not one of them missed out. A glorified milkshake, I suppose you could call it. Only so much thicker and more exciting.

Maybe it’s a regression back to babyhood, when everything was mashed and soft and mushy. Whatever. I’m not ashamed.

In fact, the more naysayers the better: once my pud had been souped up, you see, all pleas for a taster swiftly vanished.

My hunger did too. But not before I’d licked the bowl clean…


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