Spelt Cinnamon Buns with Blackberry ‘Drizzle’.

I realised yesterday that it had been almost two weeks since my Baking Bunanza – clearly two weeks too many, if you ask me.

Given the cool October evening and the haul of Blackberries in my fridge, I had a strong urge to make something wholesome and autumnal.

Hello Spelt Flour and Cinnamon: a new combination was on its way.

As usual, I followed my Chocolate and Orange Bun recipe, substituting ingredients as I went. Out came the Orange Extract and 100g of the Strong White Bread Flour, with 100g of Spelt Flour measured in to fill the gap.

The dough took longer to rise than normal (which was down to the Spelt Flour, I’m guessing), and when it was ready I sprinkled the inside with Cinnamon Sugar (60g worth of Brown Sugar to 2 tsp of Cinnamon) in place of all that chopped Dark Chocolate.

They smelt delicious and looked appealing, if a little on the doughy side. In my defence I was just too hungry to wait for more proving, and Ms Q – she of Hell Pony Biscuit fame – was keen to get into my buns post-haste.

Who wouldn’t want a piece of that action?

No doubt they would have been tasty enough as they were. But that wouldn’t have been much of experiment now, would it?

No, sir. Instead it was time to get sticky with glazing.

In hindsight, I probably should have measured things out – taken a look at a recipe book or something equally sensible. By this time, however, it was ten p.m. and – I repeat – I was hungry.

Quick as I could, I sifted some Icing Sugar, poured in some juice from my Blackberry haul and allowed Ms Q to beat it senseless.

In moments we had a bowl of fake blood: runny and purple and dark.


It may have looked like a cannibal’s pint, but the taste was magnifique.

Unwilling to drown out the Blackberry tang with a flurry of surplus sugar, we opted to change our Glaze into Drizzle, and poured it right away.

The adventure would henceforth be known as Bloody Bunday

Yes, it looked like a massacre, but it’s a crime I don’t regret: the extra moisture our Drizzle contributed – not to mention that gorgeous dimension of fruit – was well worth all the mess.

Indeed, the Blackberry and Cinnamon worked together most deliciously, with the Spelt providing a more substantial bite.

Seriously satisfying.

It wasn’t bad timing for such a find either, now I come to think of it. After all, it’s less than four weeks until Hallowe’en…

Blackberry Blood all the way, baby.

Happy Hogging!

P-H x


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