Cakes at the Primrose Cafe.

Last weekend, the Man and I went to Bristol, in search of new land (and new puds).

Within an hour of arriving, we spotted the Primrose Cafe, a bustling joint in the civilised suburb of Clifton.

Within thirty seconds, I’d already chosen my cake.

Described as a ‘Milk Stout and Ginger Slab’, it looked like a pudding with top Pud-Hog potential.

Milk Stout and Ginger Splodge

Indeed, not since Honey & Co’s Chocolate Loaf had I been faced with so much goo. When I came to place my order, it was so sticky and wet that it had to be scraped from its plate with two knives – contracting like a snail going into its shell.

Just the kind of thing that makes me grin.

The Man quickly saw what he fancied too: a Blueberry and Lime Cake; something rather more refined for a midday treat.

i.e. a lot less messy

Going by the rules of Chocolate Tasting, I thought I’d sample a piece of his first, leaving the stronger flavours for later. How did I know they were strong, do you ask? Because I could smell the Stouty goodness in the air, that’s how.

Anyway, back to the Blueberry and Lime.

It. Was. Delicious.

A light sponge with plenty of sweet, zingy icing. Not too sweet, mind: the smattering of Blueberries helped to tone the sugar down, livening up the texture in the process. A few more Berry bits would have been even better, but I suppose you can’t have it all…

Appetite whetted, I turned back to my own plate, preparing myself for imminent stickiness.

It certainly was a sloppy one. It might as well not have been baked, it was so wet.

Now normally, this amount of sweet sludge would have had me making a mess of my own (by which I mean a mess of dribble, in case any clarification were needed).

However, something about this ‘Slab’ wasn’t quite working out (‘Slab’ being a misnomer by the way – ‘Splodge’ would have been more like it).

I think it was the lack of different textures. There was nothing to bite down on – even the chunks of Ginger were soft and wet – and without any contrast it all felt rather flat.

On Shortbread or Pastry – or with chunks of roasted Nuts – the cake might have worked like a dream. Instead, it was more like a filling without any base; the Treacle without the Tart.

The taste was pretty monotonous too: despite smelling of Stout (a flavour that usually adds so much depth), none of it reached my taste buds through the Ginger.

It was quite full on, even for me – and that’s not a thing I say often.

On the plus side, I expect I ingested enough Stem Ginger to kill off all prospect of car sickness.

If only I’d had a car to test my theory.

Although, a second slice of Blueberry and Lime would have been much more exciting…


4 responses

  1. Had Ginger and stout tea loaf in December, by then they had perfected it. Firm Moist one of the best cakes I have had. Try it again!! Looking for the recipe?

    • Ooh – that all sounds very exciting! How exactly has it changed?

      A recipe would be rather nice if you’ve got one and don’t mind it being shared out on this blog. Naturally, I’ll have to make and eat it myself for good measure before it goes up… *sigh*… What a terrible business to be in.

      Out of interest, are you the cake’s creator? Just wondering how you have recipe-access… and whether you are the official cake-baker for the Primrose Cafe… If so, KUDOS.

      P-H x

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