Snowy Hills.

The hills are alive – with the sound of munching

Contrary to what its title might suggest, this isn’t a post about the sudden random weather freeze in London (snow in Raynes Park? On the first day of November? WHAT?!) .

Instead, this post is about something much more enticing: my favourite cake from Honeybuns, Dorset’s tastiest gluten- (and wheat-) free bakery.

They may sell these glorious Shortbreads all year round, but for me they are an autumn treat, being regular tasters at Screen Bites (the Food/Film Festival which generally keeps me sweet until early November).

As it happens, if it wasn’t for their appearance at Screen Bites, I might never have given them a go. Wrapped up in their plastic jackets they look fairly normal – nice and golden, but hardly show-stopping.

The taste though?


By which I mean oooooooooooooooh.

Concealed beneath that sparkling sugared surface are some of the tastiest layers I’ve tried: a crunchy Ginger Shortbread, plus the juiciest, loveliest topping of some squidgy Lemon Curd-laced Sponge.

Honestly. I don’t know why I bother writing proper words sometimes. Let’s just stop and ponder those tastes for a moment.




Ahem. Now back to blogging in multiple syllables…

Truly, Ogglers, this is a cake of champions – and I do not say this lightly. As well as that gorgeous sweet tang, there are so many awesome textures (Sugar crystals, Shortbread, Sponge), with an overall feeling of lushness that makes me want to melt into the floor.

Clearly these wheat- and gluten-free types know just what’s good for the gob. Using Almonds and Polenta instead your average Wheat Flour makes for a much more exciting nibble: I love the crunch and graininess they create, not to mention that added Almond moisture.

Seems like I’m not the only fan either – these cakes won a Great Taste Gold Award in 2010 (that’s a Gold two stars, in case you were wondering).

Then again, they’ve been in my good books since 2006, the year that Screen Bites first entered the world.  As far as I’m concerned, that ought to give me first dibs on the next batch I see.

Never mind Snowy Hills – I’m up for a whole Snowy Mountain Range. No need for boots and hiking gear: just a plate, a corner, some Cake, and half an hour to myself.

Trespassers will be shot – so make sure you get your own stash.

Your taste buds can thank me later.


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