The Gluten-Free Cornflake Treacle Tart.

The tastiest Tart in the Hog House – aside from the Pud-Hog herself, that is…

I ADORE Treacle Tart: when made well, it’s one of my favourite puddings. Sticky, gooey, moist – especially nice with a hint of Lemon.

Weirdly though, I don’t seem to eat it that often. I suppose it seems rather luxurious: no fruit or pretensions at healthiness, just Syrup and Breadcrumbs and Pastry.

Before Saturday night, the last one I had was in March; a perfect specimen from the People’s Supermarket which I promptly declared to be the best in the city.

Then I went to the Screen Bites finale and came across a company called Christine’s Puddings, and my love for all things treacly and tarty was swiftly reignited.

Like the Honeybuns Bakery, Christine’s Puddings is based in Dorset and also specialises in gluten-free treats. What’s more, like Snowy Hills (those tasty layered gluten-free Shortbreads), their Treacle Tart was delicious enough to make me question why anyone really needs gluten.

Granted, it wasn’t the same as your usual Treacle Tart – but it was still highly delicious, and only £2 for a portion the size of a saucer.

Strangely enough, in lieu of the normal Breadcrumbs were Cornflakes, making it seem somewhat of a hybrid: a rich and sticky Cornflake Cake in a sound Pastry base.

Though lacking the softness of the average Tart my taste buds remained excited by the goo of Golden Syrup and the crunch of flaky cereal.

The Pastry itself – made from several intriguing ingredients including Potato Flour and Parsnip – was pretty darn impressive too: extremely crisp, with just the right level of give. If I hadn’t known it was gluten-free I would never have guessed a thing.

Was it better than the People’s Supermarket Treacle Tart though? I guess that’s the million dollar question…

Well, Ogglers, this time I wouldn’t say ‘better’ – though nor would I say ‘worse’.

They’re just so different: while one is sloppy and stodgy (this being the traditional, glutenised version), the gluten-free Tart is crunchy and dripping with syrup.

Depends what mood you’re in, I suppose, but either would be delicious warmed up and served with a pouring of Cream.

Hell, unless you can’t digest gluten, why not just eat them both?

Problem solved. Now, somebody, fire up the oven: let’s get this Tart Party started!


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