Yes We Cake.

The Power of Pud…

Here on the Pud-Hog Blog, I like to keep things apolitical. After all, there are few subjects worse than politics to discuss over Tea and Cake (religion and pus being two of the other big no-nos that spring to mind).

Still, you’d have to have been in a pothole in Timbuktu not to have heard the news from the States today: Barack Obama is back in the White House, secure for the next four years.

This wouldn’t fall into my sweet-toothed remit were it not for a website my cousin shared with me this morning. Its name? Yes We Cake*.

With pages and pages of photos of pro-Barack baking, it won’t appeal to everyone (lovers of Romney might find it particularly sickly), but I have to admit it got my juices going.

Although the website is now out of date – the last post is from 2010 – for those of you celebrating this evening, there’s a few interesting ideas (including a Caramel Apple Pie which certainly gets my vote).

Not forgetting Blue Mousse Man for President

As for the commiserators (wherever you may be), what better way to show your opposition than by consuming Obama’s face or a Democrat flag? Your insides can do what your votes could not: turn that party to poop.

See, unlike the presidential contest, political Cakes are a win-win type of solution: something to sweeten the victory, and the defeat – not to mention uniting all those with a stomach.

You know it’s true, Ogglers: Cakes cross boundaries.

So what if your favourite guy (or gal) didn’t end up being elected? Don’t get sad: get baking.

Channel that anger into your whisk and bash out a tasty Sponge, or roll up your sleeves and pound out a few Sweet Tortillas (not a euphemism, sadly – though it should be).

When your goodies are ready to eat, sit down, stuff your face and relax… then work out the best way to emigrate.

Just pick somewhere with a decent bakery, and all will be right with the world.


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