Stanley’s Cafe and the Gâteau St Honoré.

I’m back!

It’s been ten days since my last confession – I mean blog-post – and, with more cakes and puds to write about than I can shake a stick at, I thought I’d better put my stick down and get typing.

The reason for my absence was a week away in Jersey, and – needless to say – though the blogging was on hold, the pigging out certainly wasn’t.

Not two hours after touchdown the Man and I were in Stanley’s Cafe, a place recommended for its tasty food and surrounding farm shop/garden centre, Holme Grown.

We were not disappointed. For, as well as the homemade Bread and numerous Veggie options, their bakery counter housed something quite exciting:


In case you were wondering, this majestically gloopy creation is none other than a Gâteau St Honoré: a Cake made with Choux and Puff Pastry, oozing with Crème Pâtissière.

Fans of The Great British Bake Off may remember it from the most recent series, as one of Brendan’s Pastry spectaculars. While it certainly made me drool then, this time I could actually try it – and was hard-pressed to stem the flood of saliva which soon washed through my mouth.

For the extremely reasonable fee of £2.65, a slice big enough for both of us was brought up to our table.

At that point, having wolfed down my Sandwich in anticipation, I was ready to take things nice and slow. But it disappeared in record time – aided, no doubt, by the bounteous pockets of Cream, which helped every spoonful slide right down our throats.

What. A. Cake.

Made from scratch in the Holme Grown Patisserie that very morning, the Choux Pastry was soft and fresh, while the Puff Pastry base was gorgeous and slightly crisp. Inside the Strawberry-topped Profiterole, delicate, Custard-like Crème Pâtissière was bursting to be eaten and enjoyed.

I’m pleased to say I assisted on both counts.

But the goodness didn’t end there.

As well as the Pastry and Crème Pâtissière there was also a layer of Chocolate Sauce, not forgetting two types of Whipped Cream – one plain, one flavoured with Chocolate.

What a glorious mess! And what a glorious start to our trip!

In no time at all the bar for Cakes on Jersey had been raised stupendously high. If this was what our local garden centre was selling, what else would we eat in our time on the island?

Would the standard keep rising? Or were we now set for a fall?

Only time will tell, Ogglers.

Like me and the Man, you’ll just have to wait and see…


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