The Congo Bar.

What a good week for puddings it’s been so far! Not only have I sampled the most mouthwatering of Chocolate Brownies and my first London Bun, but ALSO the tastiest Choc Ice that I’ll probably ever encounter.

And now this:

All together now: Ooh! Aah! Mmm!

For your information, folks, this fairly unassuming square of cake is none other than a Congo Bar from Outsider Tart (yes, they who make the veggie Pop Tarts) and is, quite frankly, yet another strong contender for the Pud-Hog’s imminent Pud of the Year competition.

Those guys keep pushing my buttons, I tell ya. In a very good way indeed.

You see, this is one of those dream desserts – something thoroughly exciting which made me squeal out loud not only before, but also during, and after its consumption.

So what is it?

Brace yourselves…

It’s a Cookie Dough bar, crammed with CHOCOLATE-COVERED PEANUTS!

Now, there I was thinking that I’d have to go to Illinois for a no-holds-barred Cookie Dough experience. But no: the crazy fix I fancied was right next to the Thames all along.

That £2.50 I paid for it saved me a pretty hefty plane fare, I can tell you.

Oh, it was certainly money well spent: a very lightly baked exterior between which was a goo-tastic wad of Cookie Dough deliciousness.

There were a heck of a lot of Chocolate Peanuts in there too and, as a result, every mouthful was a BEE-YOO-TIFUL blend of softness, crunch, salt and sweet.

So naughty, it was – and SO NICE!

This streak of great puddings is starting to worry me though: if I don’t try a bad one soon my Caps Lock button will probably go on strike – and judging the Pud of the Year next month is going to be impossible.

Deary me. It’s hard work being a pig sometimes.

I’ll probably make it through though, Ogglers. Somehow…


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