Recipe: Hot Buttered Rum.

Best of the bauble-warmers

Best of the bauble-warmers

Remember that time I wrote about Choc Tales? And that barrel of hot Buttered Rum?

Well, as I mentioned on the bottom of that post, the recipe came from a place called Manhattans Project – and, to my utter delight, they were nice enough to let me put it on here (thanks, guys – I am indebted!).

If you make it, you’re in for a treat: the resulting Cocktail tastes just like warm liquid Toffee Apples, with the added extra bonus of salt (from the Butter) and booze (from the… er… Rum).

Serve it up on a cold, crisp night – or all through Christmas Day if you have to (beats Mulled Wine hands down, as I’m sure you’ll agree).

So rich and delicious is the Syrup and Apple Juice mixture, you could even get away with making a Rum-free version (an excellent choice for underaged Butterbeer enthusiasts – or folks with a tight drinks budget).

Anyway, that’s enough of an intro, methinks…


Hot Buttered Rum (makes enough for 5-6 decent glasses…*hic*…)

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious


  • 1ltr apple juice (the best quality you can afford)
  • Approx 250ml rum (I used white – but brown would be scrumptious too, no doubt)
  • 125g butter (salted, ideally)
  • 100ml golden syrup
  • 25ml treacle
  • 1tsp allspice (mixed spice works well too if your cupboards are lacking)


  1. In a large pan, heat the apple juice over a medium-high flame, stirring gently with a wooden spoon to stop anything burning
  2. As it warms, add the butter in chunks and stir the syrup and treacle into the mix
  3. Once everything’s melted in, add the spice
  4. When the drink gets to around 80 degrees (i.e. hot but not quite simmering), turn off the heat, start ladling it into glasses and add the rum. The ratio is 4 parts mixture to 1 part rum (in other words, 1ltr of mixture needs about 250ml of booze). WARNING: be extra careful pouring the hot liquid in at this stage – if the glass is too thin there’s a risk it might break. If you don’t think your kitchenware can take it, try mugs instead
  5. Use cinnamon sticks as fancy stirrers, and GET MERRY

NOTE: If you don’t use all your mixture in one go, keep it in the pan with the lid on and reheat as and when required. Just make sure you stir it well when you’re ready to serve.

Happy Grogging!

P-H x


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