Sweet S.A. 1: Chocolate Samoosas at Rick’s.

Those of you who follow the Pud-Hog on Twitter will know that I’ve just come back from a week in Cape Town.

It was my first visit to South Africa, and, foodwise, I wasn’t expecting to have my boat floated.

Being veggie and all, I imagined I’d spend the whole time eating Beans and Bread, while my cousin – my travelling partner – got fat on Springbok Steaks and Ostrich.

In fact, the reality was quite different: not only was there plenty of choice in the main meal department, but – on the whole – Dessert was exciting and bounteous.

During my stay, I tried numerous Cakes and Puddings, many of which I had not had before.

I’ll be featuring most of them over the next few posts, but today I start with one of the biggest highlights: the Chocolate Samoosas at Rick’s Café Américain on Park Road.

Chocolate Samoosas

Why fill a Samoosa with anything else?

Sweet Samoosas (or Samosas) probably aren’t the first thing you would think of when contemplating African cuisine. Then again, I can’t say I’ve seen them anywhere else – and they make quite excellent ambassadors.

Two hot and super-crisp Pastry triangles, crammed full of Dark Lindt Chocolate, served with fresh Fruit and a scoop of homemade Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream.

In a word? Bliss.

The texture was particularly good: through some weird process I don’t quite understand, the Chocolate in the centre had congealed while cooking. As a result, it stayed lovely and firm, rather than dribbling over the plate.

The Ice Cream was superb as well: it partnered with the Pastries beautifully, keeping things smooth and providing a much-needed coolness to balance things out.

My only reservation was the price. At 48 Rand for a plate of two (just under £3.50 at current rates), it was only a few pence cheaper than one of our huge main meals – and certainly wasn’t the largest serving of Pudding I’ve ever had.

Then again, it was one of the tastiest. And in London it would have cost at least double, I’m sure.

What the hell: we were on holiday!

Before we knew it our plate was cleared – and seconds were on their way…


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